37.4 weeks

I am in the home stretch now!  I just got a call today, and my c-section is scheduled for 4/24.  Less than 10 days away!  At my OB appointment on Friday, they were concerned about how small I was measuring, so I am going on Weds for another ultrasound to make sure that everything is ok with baby.  I am sure it is all fine and I am just measuring small because she is further down in my pelvis than L was at the same time, but pregnancy hormones do not respond to logic so I am also extremely worried.

I am not ready for baby girl to be here, but at the same time, I am very ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I don't think I would ever be truly ready for another baby, no matter how much time I could take.  At this point, I am just hoping to have my hospital bag packed and the house semi clean before she gets here (neither of which are done yet).  J and I have some other projects that we would like done before she gets here (ceiling fan installation and Hot Wheels car rack for L), but none of those other projects are essentials.  Here is a quick update on my "essentials" to-do list:

  • Move tall dresser and bookcase to L’s room
  • Move L into his big boy room
  • Paint owl and birds
  • Paint Tulips
  • Convert bed back to Crib
  • Make crib skirt


  • Set up changing table (changing pad and diaper changing supplies)
  • Remove the rest of L’s stuff – Just have to remove the artwork hanging on the walls still
  • Add closet organizer for baby clothes – Bought the same one we used for L's room and it doesn't fit.  Went and got a different one from IKEA and it is halfway installed
  • Buy new curtains (baby blue just doesn’t go with her room colors) – One curtain painted, I ran out of textile medium so I had to order more.


  • Make/Buy mobile – Started an ETSY convo to get a custom one made . . . still waiting on response . . . 

​So, I have made some progress on the list, but not as much as I would like to have made by now.  Hopefully with J starting to work from home more this week, we can knock out a couple of projects during his lunch breaks.  Haha, like he gets lunch breaks!

Maternity Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had maternity/family pictures taken by Lisa Robinson.  We are so happy with how they turned out!  Lisa and her husband, Alec, were so great with L  and kept him entertained while pictures were taken.  L was his usual non-cooperative self for pictures, but we got some good shots regardless.

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31.6 weeks

I haven’t updated in a while because nothing new has been going on.  On Monday I had another OB appointment and I received the official date that my pregnancy disability leave is going to start.  My last day at work is 3/28 and it cannot come soon enough!  Ever since getting the official date and starting the paperwork, each day seems to drag on.  Minutes feel like they are lasting hours, and don’t even get me started on how long hours seem.  At least having to go to the bathroom every hour is a way to mark time as it passes.

Other than that, baby girl is very active and is giving me crazy heartburn that lasts all day and night.  She even has a little attitude already!  If J puts his hand on my stomach, she calms right down, but if L touches or leans against my stomach she starts kicking in that spot.  She is already trying to defend herself from the attacks of her big brother!  She was also kicking the Doppler when the OB was checking her heartbeat at the appointment.


31 weeks

I have started painting her room finally, but there is still a ton of work that needs to be done in it.  Here is my checklist of things to do in Baby Girl’s room (most of which won’t be happening until I am on leave).  I promise I will write a post once the room is complete and I will have pictures and details on almost everything!

·         Move tall dresser and bookcase to L’s room
·         Move L into his big boy room
·         Paint owl and birds


·         Paint Tulips (4/15 complete)
·         Convert bed back to Crib
·         Make crib skirt
·         Set up changing table (changing pad and diaper changing supplies)
·         Remove the rest of L’s stuff
·         Add closet organizer for baby clothes
·         Buy new curtains (baby blue just doesn’t go with her room colors)
·         Make/Buy mobile

Finally, J just got me hooked on a new cell phone game.  Monster Warlord.  It is crazy addicting and easy to play.  That gives me something to do when I am ready to go all crazy-pregnant-lady on someone.

Bedtime Power Struggle

J and I have been dealing with bronchitis for the past 3 weeks (it just won’t go away!), but at least L has been healthy.  My parents even took L for the first weekend that we were really sick so that J and I could rest and get back to a minimally functional state.  Unfortunately, since that weekend, we have been having a fight with L and every bedtime.

As anyone with a toddler knows, this is the time that they are pushing their boundaries, testing the rules, and generally checking to see who is really the boss.  It is such a fun time to be a parent!  (insert heavy sarcasm here)  Normally we put L to bed at about 8 pm and he wakes up at 6:30 am to go to daycare.  That gives him 10.5 hours of sleep of the 12-13 that is recommended by the APA.  If he takes a nap, usually 1.5-2.5 hours, we hit that recommendation and we are all in a better mood for it.  Lately, L has not been napping most days and the bedtime issues have kept him awake until after 9 pm.  Tired toddler + tired and frustrated Mommy = household in chaos

Earlier this week, we decided that it was finally time to use some tough love on L and end the power struggle of bedtime.  So we did the normal bedtime routine, he didn’t want to snuggle with me so I left the room, and J put him to bed, told him a couple of stories, and then said “Goodnight” and left the room.  L cried for over an hour off and on that first night (Monday).  J finally had to go back in there because he was not stopping and I did not want him to make himself sick.  After getting snuggles from Daddy, he settled right down.  Tuesday night we did the same routine and L cried for half an hour.  Wednesday night he did not cry at all!  Thursday night he cried for 10 minutes, and last night he cried for 10 minutes again.  We are making progress!!

I have to put in a disclaimer.  My son does not cry for an hour straight ever.  In this instance, he would cry for 20-30 seconds and then stop and listen to see if anyone was coming to comfort him.  It was very clear that this was an attention seeking behavior, not a real cry.  He has Olympic level skills in stubbornness (courtesy of his Mother I am guessing) and he wins far more often than I would like to admit.  But bedtime is something that I am firm on.  Not only does he need the sleep to keep from being a monster, so do I!

28.1 weeks

I am so happy to be starting the third trimester finally! The past two trimesters have gone by so slowly, but I know that this one is just going to fly by. I already have my countdown going in my head: 8 weeks until maternity leave, 11 weeks until baby is here. I just have to make it through the next 8 weeks at work and then I can go into full baby prep mode. I am already feeling the nesting urge majorly. L’s room is slowly progressing, we have it painted and his closet and bed built, so I will call it 50% done. We still have to make curtains, move the dresser and bookcase into the room, and hang the artwork (and maybe some shelves). Once that is done and he is sleeping in his room I can start on the baby’s room. There is some painting that I am hoping to get done before she gets here.

She is kicking and moving around like crazy now. It makes it hard to fall asleep, but at least it doesn’t actually wake me up at night yet. I am still waking up every hour to pee, though.

My OB also put me back on Zoloft last week. I stopped taking SSRIs when I found out I was pregnant, but since then I have had to go back on them. I figured it would happen, since it did with L, but it is still disappointing to have to take them again so soon. I just keep telling myself, “Happy Momma = Happy Baby”. Hopefully that mantra works!


Musings During a Glucose Test

Glucose Drink

-30 minutes

Driving to the lab for my glucose test with the sun rising on my left.  It looks like a beautiful morning and I hope L and J are having fun with breakfast. Mmmm breakfast, I am starving.  By the time I am done with my test I can go and get a bagel, or Starbucks, or hash browns, or…. (so hungry).  After that, we can meet at Lowes and look for some kind of closet organizer for L’s big boy room.  We won’t be painting this weekend, due to a trip to my parent’s house, so I want to get other stuff done on the room.  I am starting to get the nesting urge for this baby, but I can’t work on the nursery until L is in his new room.

0 minutes

Just finished drinking the glucose solution.  I completely understand why this is a necessary test during pregnancy, but it does not make it any easier to fast for 12 hours and then drink a nasty-flavored pure-sugar drink.  At least this time it was lime flavored, not orange.  The orange flavor I had with my previous pregnancy was the worst beverage I have ever drank.

30 minutes

Just finished watching another gal drink her glucose beverage.  She almost didn’t drink the whole thing in the allotted 5 minutes.  Must be a rookie.  The sooner you finish your drink, the sooner the timer starts.  I am feeling the beginnings of some major heartburn coming on too.  I seem to get heartburn right now no matter what I do.  If I don’t eat I get it.  If I eat bread I get it.  If I turn my head to the left I get it.  The only time I don’t have heartburn right now is 2 hours after taking Tums.  I am already counting down the minutes till my halfway blood draw.  This is not a good sign for how the 2nd hour is going to go…

60 minutes

Halfway done, woo!  Got my second blood draw (hurt a bit more this time) and I am hoping that this second hour goes by faster than the first.  I think I might try and read the book I brought.  There is no Wi-Fi so my phone is not updating most apps right now.  I am really frustrated at my phone because of this.  I just got my new phone (under warranty so same phone as before) and I have set the mobile data settings as ON, but I still cannot refresh Instagram or BabyCenter.  Huge bummer, because BabyCenter is good for hours of entertainment.  Lots of drama and silly first time mom questions (check it out if you are pregnant of have a young child!)  At this point, the thought of food is making my nausea much much worse.  I have reached the stage of excess saliva, but not quite to the gagging stage.  I hope that this second hour is better.  I really really really hope.  And someone just walked in and started to eat McDonalds.  Sigh.

90 minutes

The end is in sight!  I have seen so many people come in and out of the lab in just an hour and a half.  For a Saturday morning, they are just as busy as a Thursday afternoon (my normal day for blood work).  Thank goodness I brought my laptop to work on (play games on) and the Christmas Thank-you cards that I needed to write still.

120 minutes

I feel like running around in triumph.  I made it through the test without tossing my cookies or going crazy with boredom!  My backside can testify to how uncomfortable the waiting room chairs are too.  You would think that this amount of sugar would give me some pep, but I just want a nap at this point.  The second hour was easier that the first, like they said it would be.  My nausea and heartburn started to go away after the 90 minute mark; the boredom of sitting here for 2 hours was the hardest thing to deal with.  Now I am off to go and get some well-deserved breakfast!


2014 Resolutions

Well, here we go.  It is time for another list of things that I am going to try to do this year.  I hope that I am being realistic this year and making my goals acheivable, but I guess only time will tell.  5 goals seemed like a good number from last year, so that is what I am going with again this year.  Wish me luck!


Blog More

Isn't this a required resolution for every blogger?  If you blog enough, don't you want to improve your writting or comunity or something?  So, this year, instead of putting a set number of required posts to this resolution, I am just going to leave it as an ephereal "more".  With a baby on the way, I don't know how much time I am going to have to blog, but if I do even one more post this year, over last year, I will consider this a win.  I would like to do more, but as I remember from L's newborn stage, setting the bar low is essential to maintaining my sanity.


Eat More Family Meals

I think this is going to be something that I struggle with for years to come.  L eats dinner at 5:30 when J picks him up from daycare.  I get home at 6:30 and I play with L for an hour before the bedtime routine starts.  L is in bed by 8 and then J and I make and eat our usually unhealthy yet fast dinner.  I would love to have a family dinner night in the future, but as long as L demands food before I get home, I don't foresee that in the future.  So for this goal, I am going to focus on weekend meals.  Eating even a sandwich for lunch, all of us together.  Most days it is just easier to feel L and then J and I eat later (if at all), but we need to work on L's eating habits.  He needs to learn to be more patient at the table and let other people eat their food too.  A tall order for a 2.5 year old, but I think he has the capability within him.


Write Thank You Notes

I was horrible at writting thank you notes in 2013.  I wrote them for Christmas the year before, and then the notes just kept piling up on the desk.  I never even got L's birthday thank you's written and sent out.  A bummer because they were really cute, in my opinion.  So this year, I want to write thank you's for Christmas, L's birthday, any baby gifts I get, and my birthday.  J can write his own birthday thank yous.


Re-Read Books

I have been horrid about this recently.  I used to pride myself on how I could re-read so many of my books and enjoy them just as much the 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th time around.  Some books I have read more than 15 times!  Unfortunately, with the purchase of my Nook, I am too easily able to just buy a new book with the tap of a finger.  No credit card to enter because it is stored in there, no sales people to deal with, and no negotiating with J about how many books we can afford for me to buy.  I hesitate to determine how -much I have spent on books in 2013; I already know it is too much.  So in 2014 I am going to re-read more books.  I am going to re-read a minimum of 3 books for every 1 that I purchase.  Well, that was my goal at first but I think I need to change it to a 5:1 ratio.  I have already re-read 2 books and it is only 9 days into the new year…


Go To 10 New PlacesI liked this resolution so much from last year that I am putting it in this year again.  This time, I hope to have less cop-out locations (like parks) on the list and more real ones.  With 2 kids I think this will be a real challenge for me.  I am already planning on taking L to the Tech Museum, the Children's Discovery Museum, and maybe (strong maybe) to his first movie.  Other than those two, I don't have anything new planned as of yet.  I am hoping that I will be inspired as the year progresses.

23.4 weeks

IMG_20140106_1914123 more weeks has passed since my last update and we all made it through the holiday season without major injuries or homocide.  (It was quite a challenge)  I am rapidly approaching the third trimester and it is scary.  I am so not ready for this baby to be here yet; I remember thinking the same thing with L too.  I wanted to have L's big boy room completed by Feb 1st so we can get him used to it.  Nothing much has been done on that front.  And until we have him in his new room, we can't get the nursery girl-ified.  So yeah, I feel like I have an overwhelming list of things that need to get done.  Most days I wish I could just stay home and get all the stuff that I need to do as a wife and especially mother done, but I also have a full time job.  There are just not enough hours in the day for me right now.

On top of all that, my depression has started to kick back in.  I was doing good for the past months, but I can feel it getting worse slowly.  I think I am going to have to go back on meds sooner than I would like.

On a happier note, our little girl is kicking up a storm on my bladder every evening and night.  It is so cool to feel her moving around inside me (a little freaky at times too) and it is a great reminder of why I am powering through the bad days.  There is a light at the end of this pergnancy tunnel.  Hopefully a good eating, good sleeping, colic free light. :)  I am still craving cheezeburgers and other fatty, protien rich foods.  I could eat swedish meatballs for every meal and not be sick of it for months.  Mmmmm…. Great, now I am hungry again.

2013 Resolution Recap

It is that time of year again; time to make resolutions that will never be completed.  Before I jump into making mine for 2014, I wanted to have a quick recap of how the ones from 2013 worked out.

IMG_20121127_085725I am going to call this goal a partial success.  While we did not actually spend more time together, I feel that the time that we are spending together is of a higher quality.  Now that we know there is another minion coming to our family, each day with just the three of us seems even more precious.  This is another goal that is going to roll into next year with one slight change (you can see the change when I post my 2014 resolutions/goals).

20121103 - breakfastThis goal frankly did not happen so much.  With work being even busier than before, it was impossible for us to all sit down together for meals; even on the weekend it was a challenge.  I am going to carry this resolution forward to this year.  I think this is a goal that I will always have and always need to work on.

IMG_20120809_195502We actually did get better at this!  While our kitchen is nowhere near spotless 95% of the time, we did hire someone to come and clean for us every other week.  This cleaning has required us to have dishes done completely at least that often.  Win!

IMG_0634We tried to take L to 10 new places this year, but we were not able to meet that goal.  We did manage to visit 10 new places among the three of us, so I am going to count that as a goal completed.

1 – Happy Hollow Park and Zoo – L absolutely loved going here. There was a petting zoo where he got to feed the goats, a few different animal exhibits, and some small rides for young children.  One ride had police cars and fire trucks going in a circle; there was a major tantrum when he had to get off of that ride.

2 – Gilroy Gardens – I took L here on a playdate while J was in Singapore this year.  This park had more rides for kids that were slightly older, but they still had the fire trucks going in a circle ride (a must have for my child).  I enjoyed getting to look at the gardens where J and I were married 8 years ago.

3 – Park with the Fire Truck – In our home town, there are a few different parks that we take L to.  We try to change it up every few months by taking him to a park that he has never been to or we don’t visit very often.  This year we took him to a park that is part of an elementary school which has a metal frame designed to look like a fire truck.  (Can you see the theme in L’s interests?)

4 – Morgan Hill Community Park – We all went to this park to meet one of my mom friends from the BabyCenter forums.  It was my first IRL meeting of someone from our group of moms who had kids in July 2011.  L was pretty shy at first, but after a few minutes he warmed right up to the other little boy.  They bonded over the steering wheels on the play structure.

5 – Sundial Bridge – This year we celebrated Christmas up in Northern California with some of J’s family.  On Christmas Eve, after our traditional lunch at Sierra Nevada Brewery, we took L to the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA.  He had so much fun running across it with his cousins!

6 – Napa Valley – J and I had our first weekend getaway in the beginning of the year up to Napa.  It was so nice and relaxing to spend some time reconnecting as a couple and wine tasting without children present.  A big thank you to my parents for babysitting L while we were gone too!

7 – Pulau Ubin – When J went to Singapore this past year, they actually had some free time for touring.  The group decided to take a bike tour of Pulau Ubin while they were there (next time J will remember to bring shoes for biking, flip flops don’t cut it).

8 – North Carolina – For work I traveled to North Carolina to visit one of our other plants for testing.  It was fun to see the South again and all of the green, green trees covering the hills.  I hope to travel there more in the future.

9 – UC Davis – Another trip that I took for work is to UC Davis for a workshop this past fall.  They have a beautiful campus and a town that is extremely friendly to bicycles (the bicyclists are not very friendly to pedestrians though).

10 – Santa Cruz Boardwalk – While we did not get to do a full tour of the Boardwalk this year (it was closed for the winter), we did get to ride the Holiday Lights Train that departs from there.  L loved riding the train, and while I did not think the scenery was the most beautiful, he enjoyed seeing the garbage trucks, cement trucks, and fire trucks that can be seen in the pseudo-industrial section of Santa Cruz.

IMG_20121028_123851This is a hard goal to measure in terms of success.  We are now taking L to the Little Gym for classes every week, which expands his horizons quite a bit.  It also gets us to interact with other parents.  J is getting the garage set up for some home improvement projects that have been on his to-do list for years now.  I am also reconnecting with my crafty self and trying to do more projects at home rather than buy things.  I think that we all have worked on adding more to our lives outside of the work-play-sleep routine that we have been stuck in.

All in all, I could have done worse. I could have done a lot better too, but I think this was a decent level of achievement for my resolutions. Now, I have to make my list for this year. That is quite a daunting prospect when you think of how much we have already happening in 2014. :)

2013 Mash-up

I have to say, I am not a big fan of pop music in general.  This video, which I am late to discovering, it truly amazing though.  Every year this guy makes a mash-up of popular pop songs from the past year; it is called Pop Danthology.  I will be looking forward to see what he comes up with next year!