St. Patrick’s Day

Guild Wars St PatricksSt. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.  Not only do I wear green, drink beer, and talk about my Irish heritage . . . my Guild Wars character gets dressed in green too!  Being a mongrel mix of Irish, English, German, and Scottish mean that there are very few excuses to celebrate my ancestry.  The vast majority of people do not distinguish the variety of European descents, but I am proud of my ancestors.  You don’t have to be a minority to have heritage!

For those of you who do not know, St. Patrick was a Irish priest that taught the pagan heathens of Ireland about Catholicism.  He used the shamrock to symbolize the holy trinity, so says legend.  St. Patrick’s day was the one day that the meat restriction of Lent was lifted.  It used to be celebrated by going to church and various other religious oriented doings.  Then, Ireland decided to publicize St. Patrick’s Day as a celebration of being Irish; mostly celebrated by drinking beer and wearing green.  That began the downhill slide (with pint in hand) of the holiday from religious observance to drunken revel.  Personally I prefer it that way!

This St. Patrick’s I had a very mild holiday.  Monday is never a good day for a holiday, especially one with this much beer as a traditional guest.  I had a single beer, not even from the isle, and watched Braveheart, which is not even about the Irish.  My favorite character in that movie is the Irishman though, especially when he says, “Its MY island!”  Compared to going to the pub last year, and drinking many beers, this was a disappointing holiday, but much cheaper!

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