Viva Pinata: Viva Diversión

Viva Pinata is a family game for the XBOX 360. While it looks like it was created for children, it is strangely addicting. You entice pinatas to live in your garden, romance them to make more pinata, and accept challenges to gain happy candy.  This game was one of the original launch titles for the 360.

Currently in the game I am still trying to get a Roario and a Dragonache (the secret pinata).  I have most of the achievements in the game, but I am having difficulty getting the ones where you use an ex-sour pinata to distract Dastardos (the helper that kills your sick pinata).  One of my favorite in game tricks is to grow chili peppers to get money.  You plant the seed as close together in groups of 3, then fertilize them with the any-color fertilizer.  Because they are planted so close together you can fertilize 3 for the price of 1!  A planting of 27 chilies will net you about 10,000!  I am determined to get all of the achievements in this game!  I am at 3100-ish GP now.

I am looking forward to the Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise game that will be coming out 9/1/08.  There is supposed to be a co-op mode where 2 people control 2  cursors.  Jack and I are looking forward to being able to play this game together.

One thought on “Viva Pinata: Viva Diversión

  1. Jill'sJack

    Hang on a sec! How’d I get roped into that one? I asked if it was going to have 2 player Vs mode.

    I do have to admit that the game is strangely addicting though. I still wanna make a chameleon only garden some day…


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