Too Human

Too Human Cover
Too Human Cover

Too Human is the newest game to be added to the list of “Awesome 360 Games”.  It is an action adventure game set in the far future, with a strong element of Norse mythology to make it stand out.  In short, you play as a cybernetic “god” or Aesir named Baldur.  I am assuming that you end up having to save the world, becuase that seems to be SOP for adventure games.

The first of many reasons that I am currently enjoying this game is the graphics.  I know it is lame for a gamer to admit this, but I love the eye candy!  This game has good enough graphics that I am not complaing and still has unnoticable load times.  The cinematics are not the highest quality I have seen, but that is fine with me if it decreases load times.

Another reason I like this game is the unique combat controls.  I am playing a melee character and I attack by pushing the right stick in the direction I wish to attack.  My character can also slide from enemy to enemy, making it look like a game of pinball rather than hack and slash.  The only down-side I have to the combat is that the jump command is the A button; this makes it difficult to slash a guy to throw him in the air, jump up, and continue to hack at him in mid air.

Finally, I like the skill tree.  You put points in nodes.  More points means the skill gets better.  New node equals new skill.  Simple and efficient, enough said.

Now for the down sides.  My only major complaint is that there is no local co-op play.  I know it is strange, but Jack and I like to play games together, on one system.  The newer games seem to be going towards online only multiplayer and that irritates me.  I refuse to purchase a second 360 just so I can play with my husband!

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