Trouble in Paradise

The new Viva Pinata is HERE!!  The first weekend that I had the game, I played until I reached level 40.pinatabug  That sounds impressive, but I had to share the 360 with Jack, who is still playing Too Human.  There are good things and bad things about the game.  Mostly good things in my opinion.

The good things:

  • Co-op play : Jack and I can play together, and he gets some really cool bonus skills like healing and maxing out candiosity.  This helps with the new challenges format.
  • Challenges : Now you have a choice of three challenges, and you can choose to do them whenever you want.  They just sit there and wait for you to accept them.  This is much better than another annoying window popping up when you are in the middle of doing something else!
  • New pinatas and plants : I love trying to collect all of the pinatas and grow all of the plants to max growth.  Some of my favorite plants are: garlic, snowdrops, cactus, and tiger lily.  My favorite new pinatas are: Tigermisu, Geckie, Pengum, and Tartridge.
  • New variations : Now it is easier to get the special variations of the offspring and twins.  The romance game has been changed, and now after you get the Master Romancer award for a species, it is harder to not get a variant or twins than it is to get one!

The not so good things:

  • Co-op play controls : The second player has a severely limited set of basic skills.  Use a shovel, plant seed, water, sprinkle short grass.  No buying, fertilizing, or even selecting pinatas.  The camera in co-op follows the main player, swinging around so that the helper is always behind the player.  ANNOYING!
  • Requirements change : Some of the mating, variant, and evolution requirements have changed.  This bothers me because I remembered most of them from the old version, and now they don’t work.
  • Graphics : The look of this game is better and more detailed, but really?  Does it really take that long to make minor changes to the graphics?  I was expecting more, personally.

I have not had the opportunity to try the Pinata Vision cards, so no opinion on that front.  I am hoping that I can find a friends with a 360 camera I can borrow to try it; I am not buying one for just this game!

All in all, I am enjoying VP:TIP and I will be for a while yet.  It is a game targeted for children, but it is strangely addicting for adults.  I wish every problem could be solved by starting a new garden and ignoring the bad one.  It would also be nice to gain thousands of monies by harvesting bird-of-paradise flowers. :)

2 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

  1. Robert

    Wait. A game for 3+ that has mating?
    This sounds like some subversive sex-ed thing.

    Video games like this and GTA should be banned instead of sold to 3 year olds!

  2. jillofalltirades

    LOL. I think this is all about a sex-ed thing. Abstinince shows that if you both eat 2 diasy flowers and do the chicken dance, a lady dressed as a stork will drop an egg. This is how all human babies are made, right?


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