A Hard Copy of my Digital Life

I love reading books.  Real books with pages, smells, and the complete tactile experience of reading.  I also have way too many books (last count was around 800+).  Since realizing that my book collection would likely take over the house if I did not do something different, I have been reading some books on my eReader (Nook). Previously   I had only been buying the novels that are quick reads that require little thought to absorb the story.  I like to call them “airplane novels”.  Recently I started purchasing books that I will want to read multiple times on my Nook, mostly books with higher page counts.  Too many times have I been smacked in the face by a Tad Williams novel because I fell asleep while reading.  Getting hit in the face with a Nook hurts considerably less and you don’t lose your page.

This is all well and good, but I still feel the need to have paper copies of these massive books that I love.  I am so afraid of having the digital copy get lost or destroyed that I find it unnecessary to have a hard copy of it as well.  Totally not saving any money here.  I have the same fear of the pictures that I take getting lost as well.  This fear is well founded as all of the digitals of my color wedding photos are now gone due to a hard drive malfunction in our NAS (network attached storage).  All I have now are the wedding albums that were printed for us.  This is all anyone had before we entered the digital era, I guess.

Due to this fear, I have been making a family yearbook each year with my favorite pictures of the past year.  It makes a great coffee table book and gives me the feeling of security that I need.  To go one step further, I have started making a bound book of each year of blogging on my other blog.  That blog is a just for family one (too many personal details to be public) and is a chronicle of life with L.  It is basically his baby book with more pictures than you can put in the pre-made ones.  I cannot trust that our blogs will be around forever, so I want hard copies of my words and thoughts.  Maybe it is just my ego expressing a need for me to make something lasting in this world.  Maybe I just like to make things I can show people.  Maybe I just like to spend money needlessly.

Whatever the reason, I will keep making my paper copies of my digital life.

3 thoughts on “A Hard Copy of my Digital Life

  1. Audrey

    My mom lost all of her photos growing up in a flood and my brother lost all of his photos and momentos in Hurricane Katrina. I am doing the opposite of you and scanning everything I can get my hands on, and distributing to family, so we have back ups.

    But, I made one of those photo albums for my in-laws this Christmas and it was so fun and cool I think I may do like you and make annual albums.

  2. Ashley

    It’s funny I love my kindle, have read so much more since I had it and love the fact I don’t need to store all my books. However as an author of childrens books I prefer my kids to hold their books and have only had mine made avaliable in print for htis reason. I think there is a fine line. I also make scrapbooks for the kids – some hard copy and some electronic, just make sure I back up everything!

    1. Jill Post author

      Have you seen the YouTube video of the little girl that knows how to use an iPad but cannot figure out how to turn the pages of a magazine?  I saw that and thought NOT MY KID!!


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