The Art of Napping

I really need to learn this art. Like now.

This morning I was talking to J about slacking off on blogging because I cannot think of anything energy-esque to write about (say it with me, burnt-out) and he mentioned an infographic about napping that he found yesterday.  I lurve infographics.  If I was not already married I would marry them and have little color-coordinated-appropriately-margined children with them.  I did some google and found a few different graphics about napping, but I wanted to share the most informative (even though it is not the prettiest) with you.


I hope that you find this as interesting as I did. Based on this, I should be napping at 1:30 pm (like my boss would ever let me) and J should nap closer to 3 pm. I think we have a new plan for the weekends!

Thank you to Daily Infographic for satisfying all of my infographic urges and making me a more knowledgeable person.


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