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I can see clearly now . . .

Sorry for the lame song quote (not sorry at all). :)  After years and years of waiting I finally am able to throw away all of my glasses and contacts.  Yes, I finally got Lasik surgery.  I became a candidate for it about 8 years ago and I have been waiting for the right time (and $) for it.

In the beginning of April I went to the Optima Eye surgery center in San Leandro at 11 am to start the final exams and various eye drops before surgery.  J was nice enough to take me up there and wait for me, even though I doubt it was how he wanted to spend his birthday.  It was scary to be sitting alone in the prep room with my eyes numb and hearing the previous surgery going on.  They had to give me an extra Valium to help me relax before the surgery; I have a huge fear of something stabbing into my eye.  It all worked out though, I got an extra 30 mins for the happy drugs to work and the staff got to have lunch before my surgery instead of after.  They were all pretty cheerful about it, so I did not feel too bad.


Day 1 post Lasik

The surgery itself took about 15 minutes total.  If you don’t know, they cut a flap in your cornea first. During this part there is a lot of pressure on your eye and your vision blacks out for a few seconds.  Then they lift the flap up and the laser goes to work zapping your eye to reshape it (aka make your vision better).  It smells like burning hair . . .  I guess that would be burning eye, actually   Then the surgeon places the flap back on your eye and makes sure that it stays in place.  That is it.  They repeat for the second eye and you are done before you know it.  Dr. Mandel and his staff were very reassuring throughout the surgery process; I even had someone to hold my hand during the actually surgery.  

They check the position of the flap, give you some antibiotic eye drops, tape shields over your eyes, and send you home.  My eyes were burning pretty badly after the surgery so they gave me some pain killers too.  I will just say that the ride home on a nice sunny day was not very much fun as my eyes were a little light sensitive.  After I got home I slept for a few hours and then said hi to Liam for a little bit.  I was supposed to only open my eyes for bathroom and food for the first 24 hours after surgery.  When L saw me he said “Mommy glasses!” and tried to poke me in the eye.  Thank goodness for those eye shields!

At my 1 day post-op checkup with my optometrist and I was seeing pretty close to 20/20.  At my recent 1 month post-op check up I am seeing 20/15!  That is better than perfect vision!!  It is such an amazing feeling to wake up and be able to see!  I am so happy that I finally did, it is a life changing surgery for me.

Oh and J got a little birthday present for taking me to the surgery.  They let him watch and he thought it was pretty awesome.  I told him that if he ever gets Lasik, I will drive him to the surgery, but I will not watch it.


Glasses ready for donation