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Convos With My 2 Year Old

There is a new YouTube channel on the block and it is awesomesauce for anyone with a toddler.  Convos with my 2 year old.  Seriously, awesomesauce.  If you have not yet had the . . . pleasure . . . of experiencing life with a toddler, I do not recommend that you watch this.  For those without toddlers, it will be scary and/or bizarre to see how a small human can control a whole family.  If you have a toddler, watch this now.  It will give you a nice break from searching for an unbroken cracker or specific pair of socks-that-they-wore-yesterday-but-HAVE-to-wear-today-or-the-world-ends.  

It is basically short reenactments of actual conversations this father has with his 2 year old daughter.  The twist that makes this different from any family home movie is that the part of the 2 year old is played by a grown man.  The deadpan delivery of the grown man playing the part of the 2 year old daughter is what makes this hillarious.  I started with Episode 3, and then went back and watched the previous ones.  I can't wait to see what other conversations happen (they are currently on Episode 5).


10 Best Things About Having a Toddler

(Brought to you by a very slow day at work.)

1. A kiss from Mommy/Daddy makes everything better.

2. You get to snack on all the good stuff that they eat, because it is the only thing they are willing to eat this month.  It would just go to waste otherwise.  Heeeellooooooo chicken nuggets!

3. They are starting to be able to entertain themselves for short periods of time.  It is the magic time between needing you there every second of the day and you chasing after them because they are running towards the street again.  

4. Everything is new and fun.  They see the world with such open optimism that it is hard to stay in a bad mood around them.

5. You no longer have to cut a blueberry into quarters.

6. The zoo/aquarium is now a place of discovery, rather than a place that you are carrying a sleeping baby through, wondering why you paid $30 for this.

7. They repeat everything they hear.  Particularly funny when L repeated “Stoopid cat” for about 5 minutes.  This talent only works when you don’t want them to repeat something.  In contrast, L would say “Happy Father’s Day” to me repeatedly, but never to J.

8. The clothes are no longer covered in light blue elephants and snaps everywhere.

9.  A box is still the best present ever.  Enjoy it before they start asking for iPads and Playstations.

10. They do not know how to hate.  As they get older, they learn to hate things/people/actions; then comes the dreaded “I hate you” phase of the teenage years.  I realize that not every kid goes through this, but with my history of rebellion, it is pretty much guaranteed that L will follow in my footsteps.  Karma is a like that.

The lost art of Nap

I love a good nap.  Really, who doesn't love a good nap.  No, I don't believe you… you have never had a good nap if you don't like napping.  That one perfect nap is like a gateway drug.  You are forever searching for that same "high" of perfect nap from then on.  Some lucky individuals are good nappers (my husband) and some people have a difficult time even getting a mediocre nap (yours truly).  Now with a toddler running around, I find napping to be a luxury, right up there with caviar, massages, and houscleaning service.

I stumbled upon a very nice infographic about napping that I wanted to share with you (as amorphous as you are).  It had some neat data and pretty graphics, which are my 2 favorite things on the inter-webs. [via]

Napping Infographic

If you found that interesting, as I did, here is another one.  Did I ever mention that I love infographics?  I love infographics.  Two sites that I frequently read are Flowing Data and Daily Infographic.  They will drop a knowlegde bomb on your [cough].


FYI – No one paid me for this or any of my posts.  I just like to share cool things I find.  If I ever get enough fame to be perked for anything two things will happen: hell will freeze over, and I will let you know.  Pinkie-swear!