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5 Bucks on Failing Again!

Having missed NaBloPoMo by about 4 weeks, I feel a little late to be challenging myself to blog more.  With the craziness of the holidays, being pregnant, chasing a toddler around, and oh yeah actually working at my job, I feel like I need to do something for myself.  Being pregnant has taken most of my me-time activities away already (steaming hot baths and glasses of wine) so blogging and playing video games are my two to fall back on.  Being crafty is always an option, but less appealing when I consider the mess I have to clean up and trying to keep 2 year old fingers away from my needle nose pliers.

Yes, this will probably end up like all of my other commitments to blog (exercise/eat healthy/paint/cook/save money/knit/clean/garden/etc.) more; in a slow trudge of needing to sleep more than I need to blog, ending in a wallow of depression because I failed yet again.  The times I can set aside to blog are either waking up an hour early (5 am, yuck!) or staying up an hour later (11 pm, sigh).  Ah, the life of a working mother.  So, right now, I am going to try to stay up later to blog, or try to write on my lunch break.  Good plan, right?  I bet $5 that I don’t make it a whole week, even with Thanksgiving to give me extra days to blog.

15.5 weeks

Now I have reached the point where women are commenting on my baby bump. Yay!  I no longer look like I ate too many cheeseburgers to half of the population.  Men on the other hand, are still being very P.C. at the moment.  It takes a woman to be ready to pop before most guys will even ask about anything hinting at pregnancy.

The nausea has pretty much gone away, but the headaches are still present in their unpleasant force.  My OB doesn’t seem worried about the intense pain that I am in on a daily basis, but I am worried about how it is affecting my job performance.  Yesterday at the office, someone was wearing perfume and I felt like I was going to die.  My head was pounding so badly that I didn’t even realize when people were talking to me.  That is a pretty severe headache in my book.  I still don’t know who was the source of my misery, but I hope they don’t wear that particular fragrance again anytime soon.

L is getting more and more into the idea of being a big brother.  His favorite book right now is about Big Brother Henry helping out with his Baby Sister Penny.  We read that book almost every night before bed and L love telling me how Henry is helping Penny.  We haven’t yet taught him that he needs to not knee and elbow Mommy in the tummy, but that is a work in progress.  We are also having issues with L wanting to be carried around the house when we are home.  This is a new thing since we told him about a baby on the way.

In the next month, if my OB sends the appropriate paperwork, we will find out if we are expecting a boy-spawn or girl-spawn.  It is so hard to wait for this!  Once we find out, then we can start thinking of names and modify the nursery decorations (if needed).  We are still hoping for a boy, but we would be happy either way.

I realize that this is not a deep and sophisticated blog post like many other mommy-bloggers are writing.  All about, being a mom sucks but is great, or you can have everything, or no one is perfect.  This is just what I am thinking at the moment, and as most moms know, it is not much.  Pregnancy brain has struck me hard this time.  No joke.  I only put deodorant under one arm this morning and realized it when I got to work (I have spare deodorant at work, in case you were worried).  How in the world am I going to make it the next 6 months without losing my mind?