Daily Archives: 2013-12-06

Baby #2 Revealed

L is so excited to show you the special news…


He is getting a… Little Sister!


We are so surprised and excited to be welcoming a baby girl into our family!  We were both 80% sure that we would be having another boy, since that is what runs in the family on J’s side, but we are over the moon that we are getting a little sister for L to play with (and beat up future boyfriends for!)  :)


She was not being very cooperative during the ultrasound or at my OB visit later.  She kept her legs closed and ankles crossed for most of the time, but the rest of her was moving around like crazy.  I could tell that the ultrasound tech was half amused and half frustrated with all of her movement.


But eventually we were able to get a peek and determine that she was definitely a SHE!


L wants to name her Penny after the little sister in the book we have been reading him recently.  I am not a huge fan of the name, but that can be her name until we decide on one when she is born.  This is the best birthday present that I could imagine; our baby girl looks healthy and active!