Musings During a Glucose Test

Glucose Drink

-30 minutes

Driving to the lab for my glucose test with the sun rising on my left.  It looks like a beautiful morning and I hope L and J are having fun with breakfast. Mmmm breakfast, I am starving.  By the time I am done with my test I can go and get a bagel, or Starbucks, or hash browns, or…. (so hungry).  After that, we can meet at Lowes and look for some kind of closet organizer for L’s big boy room.  We won’t be painting this weekend, due to a trip to my parent’s house, so I want to get other stuff done on the room.  I am starting to get the nesting urge for this baby, but I can’t work on the nursery until L is in his new room.

0 minutes

Just finished drinking the glucose solution.  I completely understand why this is a necessary test during pregnancy, but it does not make it any easier to fast for 12 hours and then drink a nasty-flavored pure-sugar drink.  At least this time it was lime flavored, not orange.  The orange flavor I had with my previous pregnancy was the worst beverage I have ever drank.

30 minutes

Just finished watching another gal drink her glucose beverage.  She almost didn’t drink the whole thing in the allotted 5 minutes.  Must be a rookie.  The sooner you finish your drink, the sooner the timer starts.  I am feeling the beginnings of some major heartburn coming on too.  I seem to get heartburn right now no matter what I do.  If I don’t eat I get it.  If I eat bread I get it.  If I turn my head to the left I get it.  The only time I don’t have heartburn right now is 2 hours after taking Tums.  I am already counting down the minutes till my halfway blood draw.  This is not a good sign for how the 2nd hour is going to go…

60 minutes

Halfway done, woo!  Got my second blood draw (hurt a bit more this time) and I am hoping that this second hour goes by faster than the first.  I think I might try and read the book I brought.  There is no Wi-Fi so my phone is not updating most apps right now.  I am really frustrated at my phone because of this.  I just got my new phone (under warranty so same phone as before) and I have set the mobile data settings as ON, but I still cannot refresh Instagram or BabyCenter.  Huge bummer, because BabyCenter is good for hours of entertainment.  Lots of drama and silly first time mom questions (check it out if you are pregnant of have a young child!)  At this point, the thought of food is making my nausea much much worse.  I have reached the stage of excess saliva, but not quite to the gagging stage.  I hope that this second hour is better.  I really really really hope.  And someone just walked in and started to eat McDonalds.  Sigh.

90 minutes

The end is in sight!  I have seen so many people come in and out of the lab in just an hour and a half.  For a Saturday morning, they are just as busy as a Thursday afternoon (my normal day for blood work).  Thank goodness I brought my laptop to work on (play games on) and the Christmas Thank-you cards that I needed to write still.

120 minutes

I feel like running around in triumph.  I made it through the test without tossing my cookies or going crazy with boredom!  My backside can testify to how uncomfortable the waiting room chairs are too.  You would think that this amount of sugar would give me some pep, but I just want a nap at this point.  The second hour was easier that the first, like they said it would be.  My nausea and heartburn started to go away after the 90 minute mark; the boredom of sitting here for 2 hours was the hardest thing to deal with.  Now I am off to go and get some well-deserved breakfast!


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