31.6 weeks

I haven’t updated in a while because nothing new has been going on.  On Monday I had another OB appointment and I received the official date that my pregnancy disability leave is going to start.  My last day at work is 3/28 and it cannot come soon enough!  Ever since getting the official date and starting the paperwork, each day seems to drag on.  Minutes feel like they are lasting hours, and don’t even get me started on how long hours seem.  At least having to go to the bathroom every hour is a way to mark time as it passes.

Other than that, baby girl is very active and is giving me crazy heartburn that lasts all day and night.  She even has a little attitude already!  If J puts his hand on my stomach, she calms right down, but if L touches or leans against my stomach she starts kicking in that spot.  She is already trying to defend herself from the attacks of her big brother!  She was also kicking the Doppler when the OB was checking her heartbeat at the appointment.


31 weeks

I have started painting her room finally, but there is still a ton of work that needs to be done in it.  Here is my checklist of things to do in Baby Girl’s room (most of which won’t be happening until I am on leave).  I promise I will write a post once the room is complete and I will have pictures and details on almost everything!

·         Move tall dresser and bookcase to L’s room
·         Move L into his big boy room
·         Paint owl and birds


·         Paint Tulips (4/15 complete)
·         Convert bed back to Crib
·         Make crib skirt
·         Set up changing table (changing pad and diaper changing supplies)
·         Remove the rest of L’s stuff
·         Add closet organizer for baby clothes
·         Buy new curtains (baby blue just doesn’t go with her room colors)
·         Make/Buy mobile

Finally, J just got me hooked on a new cell phone game.  Monster Warlord.  It is crazy addicting and easy to play.  That gives me something to do when I am ready to go all crazy-pregnant-lady on someone.

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