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30 Day Challenge

I decided to join a group of fellow mom and do a 30 day challenge.  These are all over the internet right now; I think I see more 30 day challenges than cat pictures.  It was suggested to do the 30 Day Ab Challenge to get our core in better shape after just having a baby.  I am game to try it (and blog about it).  I will see how far I get into the challenge before I feel like I am going to die and/or give up.  Here is the challenge that we decided to do starting on June 1st.

30 Day Abs Challenge

The only part that is concerning to me in the plank.  I can currently do a 30 second plank without falling on my face, but it is close (I tried today just to make sure).  All the other exercises I am convinced I can get done… it is just a matter of how long it takes.

Now, most people post before and after pictures when doing one of these challenges, but I will not subject anyone to that right now.  After 30 days, if the results are really impressive (assuming I complete the challenge), then I might post a picture…maybe

6 weeks old

Now that things are starting to calm down at my house, I can pay attention to some of my hobbies again.  Yay!  Hello blog, I have missed you. <3

R is 6 weeks old now and we are adjusting to being a family of 4 pretty well.  L is still mostly ignoring her, but we have had a breathrough with his attitude.  2 weeks ago, he just suddenly turned over a new leaf and started acting like a normal kid again.  It is such a relief to no longer feel like I am talking to a brick wall whenever I ask him to do something.  I know that it will probably come back in the teen years, but I am glad to have my sweet little boy back for a while at least.

It is amazing how much I appreciate how normal of a baby R is.  Compared to the colic and reflux that L had, a normal baby is a piece of cake!  I am glad that she is our second child, because I would not appreciate this nearly as much if she was our first.  She wakes up every 3 hours, has a few gas issues, and doesn't want to nap without me holding her.  All in all, normal newborn stuff.  :)

I am sure that I will have some deep thoughts for post later, but right now I am just trying to enjoy my baby girl as much as possible before I have to go back to work.  Blech, I am not looking forward to that and it is still weeks away.  I am also going to my 6 weeks post partum visit tomorrow so I will be able to get the OK to exercise again.  I am determined to get back into shape before my maternity leave is over.  The next few weeks should give me a chance to jump start my weight loss, which I hope to document on here.  Now if I could only stop craving biscuits and gravy…

Newborn Pictures

It has been a hectic month full of toddler tanturms and sleep deprivation since R got here.  We are finally starting to get a little bit of a handle on our new life with 2 kids (getting a handle on the housework is yet to come) so I am hoping that I can get back into my blogging habit.

Now that the birth announcements have gone out, I can post the newborn pictures that we had taken when R was 1 week old.  We asked Lisa Robinson Photography to take the pictures for us since we were so happy with the maternity pictures that she did for us.  Here are a few favorites of the many beautiful pictures that she took of our sweet little girl.  Now I just have to decide which one(s) I want to get printed and framed…