Daily Archives: 2014-06-01


Daylilies in the Yard

We finally decided to rip out the ugly grass-like plant in the front yard!  Well, we got rid of one of them at least.  This one was between the garage and front door and was invading the sidewalk.  We never liked how it looked so we just used the opportunity to plant something that would stay smaller and have pretty flowers.  Enter the Daylilies!


We read that these are drought hardy and low maintenance plants that have frequent blooms.  Sounds like the plant for us!  Sorry that I didn't get any before pictures, I was feeding R, but here is an in progress picture.  L was such a big helper, playing in the dirt while J was trying to get the daylilies planted before the wasps attacked.  We went with 3 different kinds in hopes that they would bloom at different times of the year, giving us flowers all spring, summer and fall.


I am happy with how they look, but we will see how hardy they truly are.  If they work out, we will probably go a little crazy with daylilies in our yard.  We are already planning on ripping out some annoying rosemary bushes on the other side and replacing them with more daylilies.  While the rosemary smells nice, it is just way too much effort to keep it from invading the neighbor's yard.  Oh, and the spiders love it…shudder.