Daily Archives: 2014-06-07

I will not write about that

There isn't much that I feel uncomfortable writing about, so when asked what one topic I will never write about is, I have a hard time coming up with something.  After much thought and many discarded ideas (my marriage, poop, family, food, etc), I finally realized the one thing I will never blog about.  My job.  There are a few reasons that I will not write about my job:

  • The nature of my job (research) means that I am working on things that competitors would like to steal the idea for.
  • If I ever express dissatisfaction with my job, there is a possibility that a coworker may read it and spread it around, thereby putting my continued employment in danger.
  • I have no desire to write about my work; I write to relax and not think about work.

I think that those are three very valid reasons to not write about my job, no matter how I feel about it. Maybe if I ever have my own business or become a domestic engineer (aka stay at home mom) I will feel more free to discuss my work and satisfaction with it.  Ironically, the point is moot currently as I am still on maternity leave.  In conclusion, since I will not write about work, you get to read about the other things in my life . . . mostly the kid.  Sorry not sorry.