Verbal Ticks

I have many phrases that I find myself overusing on a daily basis (sometimes houly).  Some of the phrases are expected and come with being a mother of a toddler with "I do what I want" syndrome, others are my own personal brand of frustration and lack of imagination.  Normally, I would resolve to add more variety to my verbal interractions, but I do not think that is a practical goal at this time.

Awesome – This is my go to phrase when something is good, neat, or I just like it.  I seem to have no synonyms for this in my vocabulary.  I find that this is my go to comment for any Facebook posts as well.

L, NO! – I am a mom. It is pretty self explanatory.

L, Freeze! – This is the only way he ever stops moving.  I use it about 8 times every diaper change since his new favorite thing is to bounce his butt all over while I am trying to wipe poop off.  Most. Frustrating. Thing. EVER.

L, take that out of your mouth RIGHT NOW! – I thought kids were supposed to get over this by the age of 1, but I guess not in our case.  He is contantly putting toys, fingers, rocks, wrappers, paper, crayons, play-doh… the list goes on… into his mouth.

Finish your damn sentense! – Yep, I say this all the time to J.  He has this Captain Kirk-like ability to pause in the middle of a sentense, and I get tired of waiting for him to finish his thought.  Doesn't he realize that there are about 5 seconds of short term memory in my brain, and if he takes too long I will forget what he was even talking about?

I probably say "hella" and various curse words more than I should as well, but L hasn't picked up on them yet, so I am in the clear for now.  #winning

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