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Divergent – Veronica Roth

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I was recommended this book because I read The Hunger Games and did not think it was a horrible book. I will give that same shinning assessment to this book.

Beatrice is a young woman in a dystopian future world.  Raised in the Abnegation faction, she has a choice to make about her future; she can follow what society wants, follow her family, or follow her own path.  Through her journey of self discovery and world saving, she finds friendships, rivals, and a love interest.

My favorite part of this book was the descriptions of the divisions of society and the rituals that surrounded it.  The five factions and selection process of choosing your faction was a unique concept and the execution of it was excellent.  The idea was simple and easy to understand without being a typical lord and serf type of arrangement.  Typically, this is my favorite part of a book, the different reality from the one we live in.

My least favorite part of this book was the relationship between the two main characters.  How they "fall in love" and deal with the struggles in their relationship seems very immature.  I guess that is to be expected from a YA novel.  I wish the book was not quite so predictable.  If you have read Ender's Game, you will see some similarities in the training of children and conflicts between the teenagers.

By the time I finished this post, I had actually read the rest of the trilogy.  The second and third book are not as good as the first, but the ending of the third book was great.  It really surprised me!  It was a wonderful change from the predictability of the first two books and most of the third.  I would recommend this series if you are looking for an easy read and don't have anything better on your shelf waiting for you.  Not a glowing recommendation, but I do not regret the time I spent reading it.