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Toddler Bedroom – Painting

I love painting.  It is a quick way to give a whole new look to a room without spending too much money.  The visible transformation with one coat of paint is amazing; it changes the light and feel of a room completely.  I hate masking, but that is a necessary evil of painting.

IMG_417108First thing was to choose a color.  I knew that I wanted to paint L's room, and I was pretty sure that I wanted it to be a light grey.  We purchased a few samples and slapped them on the wall.  Our house came with all the walls painted a flat tan color, which is fine, but rather bland.  Flat paint is also horrible in a house with children.  Anytime you wipe the wall you leave water spots and remove some paint.  Satin or eggshell finish is a must with children; it is wipable and still looks nice.  It also reflects more light, making a room seem brighter.

The top two were determined to be too light, not giving enough contrast between the walls and baseboards for my liking.  After going back for another round of samples, we ended up choosing the second from the left on the bottom row.  It was warmer than the others, which would look better with our tan carpet.  After choosing and purchasing the paint, we had to wait until the grandparents could watch L so we could get painting done.  That is the one stage of his room that we did not let him help with.

Step one was to mask the ceiling, windows, baseboards, all outlet plates, and put down a drop cloth.  Masking went much faster with both J and I working on it, he did the ceiling and I did everything that did not require going up on a ladder (I was very pregnant at the time). 

IMG_417310 IMG_417411

After masking, it was time to start painting.  I did the edging that did not require a ladder and J did the edging that did.  We bought low VOC paint and had the windows open, but I still let J do all of the rolling, just in case.

IMG_417612 IMG_417813








We kept the room closed for a day, but the next day we had a little touch up painting to do.  L was home by then so he wanted to help us paint.  I am very happy with how the color came out; it makes the room much brighter during the day, giving it a fresh and cool look.  I want to paint all of our bedroooms this color!