Toddler Bedroom – Decor

Now that the room is painted, it is time to add the furniture!  The first step was to build the bed we purchased.  We knew that once the bed was build, L would want to sleep in his new room.  So we made sure to have sheets washed and the baby monitor ready to move to the new room before setting the bed up.  L helped J build the bed while I took pictures and helped keep L entertained when he got bored with building.

IMG_41831520140301_08365201Once the bed was built, L started sleeping in his new room as we expected.  This room has more windows, so we knew curtains were the next thing that was needed.  I bought red and white chevron fabric and asked Grandma to sew curtains for us.  She added blackout fabric to them without me even asking, and it is a very good thing she did.  

While we were waiting for the curtains I started searching for fire truck themed decor.  I found some really neat antique fire truck toys on ETSY, but I did not think L would be able to resist playing with them.  Eventually, I decided that I wanted to put his name up on the wall above his bed and surround it with pictures of family and fire trucks.  I looked on Amazon and found some neat vintage tin signs with fire trucks on them.  I showed them to L on the computer and he approved, so I ordered them.  I found galvanized letters for his name at Pottery Barn Kids, and they happened to be on sale so I ordered those too.20140331_18384002

A few weeks later we had all of the pictures and letters ready to hang up on the wall.  I added simple, black picture frames to the mix from my giant stash of picture frames (I probably have almost 100 waiting to be used).  L was a great helper, climbing up the ladder behind J and taking away the hammer and nails whenever he could.  Sigh.  We eventually got everything on the wall.  L loves telling us what is in each picture frame and which fire truck is his favorite.  Since we thought the frames looked a little off in the upper left corner, we ended up hanging his fireman helmet from his Halloween costume up there too.  It was the perfect touch to the fire truck collage. (high five to myself)

Lastly, Grandma finished the curtains and we got them hung up.  We got a curtain rod from IKEA since we have had good luck with their curtain rods previously.  Seeing L's face when he walked into his finished room was priceless.  He loves his big-boy-fire-truck room!



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