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Kids are Messy

Being a mother, I find myself caught in poopy messy situations quite frequently when in public.  It could be milk spilled on my toddler's pants, pasta sauce on his shirt, peanut butter in his hair, or even the baby having a diaper blowout.  It never fails that when I am out for more than a couple of hours, something happens and we run out of one of the diaper bag essentials.  Sometimes we forget to refill the bag.  Sometimes it is just one of those days where the baby goes through 6 diapers in two hours.  Regardless of the reason, there are times when I desperately need another diaper, some wipes, or a fresh article of clothing.

If there was a vending machine with basic kid supplies my life would be just a little bit easier.  Single pack diapers in a few sizes, travel wipes, plain white onesies in different sizes, and maybe even plain white T shirts for mom and dad.  They could be put in airports, theme parks, and shopping malls (basically any place that would not sell these basics normally).  I am so in love with this idea that I even made a picture… yes, the baby was taking a nap and I was avoiding chores.  Yay for crappy computer drawings and procrastination!

Vending Machine

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