Invisalign – Tray 3

Yesterday, I had my attachments put on.  They don’t really tell you about that part in the Invisalign adds.  The attachments create pressure points that help to move your teeth.  They also make your trays fit much tighter.  So tight that I can barely remove my trays.  I have 3 chips in my gel manicure from prying them out.  I have never chipped a gel manicure before!

Since I don’t feel like taking a picture, here is a diagram of my attachments.  They are tooth colored in real life, not blue (thankfully).


My teeth hurt.  It doesn’t help that I am super stressed out right now, which is causing me to clench my teeth all night long.  So, I have 8 weeks of just attachments, and then I will get my rubber bands put on too.  Joy.  I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the end… and it damn well better be!!  I really miss being able to taste what I am cooking without thinking about it.  And I really, really miss being able to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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