Emoji Cookies

As R is currently unloading a basket of clean, folded laundry, I can now post a quick update in my cookie making adventures.  Last month, I made emoji cookies for fun.  I have to say, they are my favorite cookies made to date.0205152151a

I made some small ones and some bigger ones.  This was my first chance to use my new cookie making tools that I received over Xmas.  The food coloring and squeeze bottles were a huge help with making and frosting these cookies.  I did have one squeeze bottle incident with one of the large cookies.  The cap blew off of it as I was flooding the icing… so I decided to go with it and have a laugh about the mess.



Other than some nicer looking pans for my cookies, I am going to have to get some more squeeze bottles before R’s birthday.  Making up colors one at a time is not the most efficient way to frost these cookies.

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