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When I started this blog, this section was the one that gave me the most stress.  How can I describe myself to other people in such a way that they observe a accurate self portrait?  I finally decided that no matter what I wrote, the people who read this would not get an accurate idea of me anyways.  Did I mention that I am a pessimist?  ::grin::

I am a working mother of a 1 year old, happily married, with an crazy love of cats, wine, video games, and glitter.  Everything else is just details.

Here are a few of them to whet your appetite:

  • I HATE mayo (and I consider Miracle Whip mayo)
  • I still love jumping in puddles after a rainstorm
  • I do not like babies or children until they can hold a civilized conversation with you (except my own child, obviously)
  • Furthermore, adults that talk babytalk to other adults should be shot on sight (I thought this before becoming a mother and I am even more emphatic about it now)
  • RENT is my favorite musical, with Sweeny Todd as a close second
  • I want to work in a BSL4 lab (still a dream of mine)
  • I believe that White SUVs are the chariot of the devil and they are out to get me
  • I am an achievements whore and proud of it
  • I firmly believe that thinking happy thoughts is a waste of time, you always end up disappointed.  Better to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when it is not that bad
  • I listen to Slipknot, Fall Out Boy, and Gregorian Chants in the same playlist
  • I love going to the gun range; blasting is great stress
  • I also like to be crafty and I will probably blog about it (ModgePodge and glitter are my current go to items)
  • I am a gown-up who still plays video games and I am proud of it
  • My guilty pleasure is a Magnum ice cream bar . . . Mmmmmm . . .

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ady J.

    am a single mom starting over again…tyrozany.wordpress.com go to BoNkErS that’s what a spouse with too much sex on his mind might do…

  2. Linton Weeks

    Hello.  I am writing a story for NPR's website and would like to ask you some questions about the social aspects of shooting ranges. Please email me. lweeks@npr.org 

    Thank you.

    Linton Weeks, National Correspondent, NPR Digital News


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