My Zoo

If you want to know about me, you need to know about all of the animals that I own and love.  I have a compulsive need to pet any cat that I see; I firmly believe that I will turn into that crazy lady with 30 cats.  Hence, it is surprising that my husband and I only have 2 cats, 3 birds, and a fish-tank.

The first member of our family is Precious.  My husband had adopted her from his ex before I met him.  I think that she absorbed the attitude of his ex, cause this cat is moody!  Her name may be Precious, but her nickname is Sh*t-head.  She is a normal cat, until you try to pet her on her back, then she goes completely psycho.  The interesting thing with this cat is that she will decide that she wants attention, and then she will lay on your chest, headbutting your chin, while you pet her back.  Her favorite place to sleep is in the bathroom sink.  Her favorite toy is anything covered in catnip.  Her favorite food is butter, licked off of her daddy’s plate.

The next member of our family is Mia. My husband and I adopted her in Carmel, a few months after we moved in together.  I wanted a cat that actually liked me and would sit with me, so we decided to adopt one from a shelter.  We went many times before picking out this scared little runt of a kitten; we had to chase her down to pick her up, but once we did the motor was going.  Mia tells me about her day when I get home, loudly and constantly.  She likes to sleep under the covers with me, and will meow at my face until I wake up to let her under.  Her favorite place to sleep is right where I want to put my feet when I am asleep.  Her favorite toy is the rabbit fur mice, seasoned with the nip.  Her favorite food is bread; if you look away from your dinner plate, she will slink up and steal anything that is bread-like.

Beako is our Amazon parrot.  We have only had her for about 2 years, but she is about 17 years old.  She is 100% my husband’s bird; she really doesn’t like me.  We adopted her from one of my microbiology teachers, who was looking for a home for her.  My husband has always loved birds, and in a weak moment I gave in and decided we could adopt her.  In the beginning she liked me the best, but that quickly changed once she became comfortable around us.  She says a variety of phrases including: Hello, Hi, Hi Beako, Pretty Bird, ::sexy whistle::, Hi Bebebebebe, Beako, Hellooooooo Beakoooooooo, Scratch, I forgot, Yeah, Uh-huh and Buh-Bye.  She has a few more rare phrases, but these are her favorites.  She recently discovered that she can climb on our lamp from her cage, so she has been going over to the lamp whenever she thinks we are not looking.  Her favorite toy is her pink plastic bead.  Her favorite food is McDonald’s french fries.

Next, we have 2 cockateils named Chester and Sweet-Cheeks.  They are both female, Chester is fully grey and Sweet-Cheeks is a pearl.  I bought Chester for my husband as a birthday surprise back in 2004.  About 6 months later, we decided that Chester was being too loud and read that getting him a friend should help.  We bought Sweet-Cheeks from a bird store in Sacramento.  Both of these little monsters love to have their heads scratched and will sit on your shoulder for hours.  Chester like to sit on the curtain rod and Sweet-Cheeks likes to sit on the ceiling fan.  Beako is very jealous of any attention that these two get.  Their favorite food is millet.  Chester’s favorite toy is his swing and Sweet-Cheeks’ favorite toy is anything she can preen.

The last exhibit in our zoo is the fish-tank.  We recently bought a 28 gallon nano-cube tank to make into a reef tank.  We have 2 black clownfish (if you call them “Nemos” I will punch you), a yellow watchman goby and many corals.  We just started getting SPS corals and they are doing very well now.  The reed tank gets its own page because there are so many pictures!

I hope that you enjoyed your tour of my zoo.  Please come again!

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