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Emoji Cookies

As R is currently unloading a basket of clean, folded laundry, I can now post a quick update in my cookie making adventures.  Last month, I made emoji cookies for fun.  I have to say, they are my favorite cookies made to date.0205152151a

I made some small ones and some bigger ones.  This was my first chance to use my new cookie making tools that I received over Xmas.  The food coloring and squeeze bottles were a huge help with making and frosting these cookies.  I did have one squeeze bottle incident with one of the large cookies.  The cap blew off of it as I was flooding the icing… so I decided to go with it and have a laugh about the mess.



Other than some nicer looking pans for my cookies, I am going to have to get some more squeeze bottles before R’s birthday.  Making up colors one at a time is not the most efficient way to frost these cookies.

A Step into the World of Royal Icing

For L’s preschool winter festival, I volunteered to make one dozen cookies.  Rather than make the standard chocolate chip cookies that I normally would (haha I would probably just buy them from the store), I decided to try sugar cookies.  I have always loved the smooth icing and fun shapes of fancy sugar cookies.  And being a SAHM, I feel like I should be able to actually make cookies for L’s school.

1215141344To start, I found a recipe online for super soft sugar cookies.  Super Soft Sugar Cookies from I Heart Naptime. They turned out AMAZING!  I used half the dough that day and then used the other half the next day.  I wrapped the unused dough in saran-wrap and stored it in the fridge.  Since I am limited on cookie cutters, I decided to go with a simple circle… not that I had much choice.

I also made my first attempt at Royal Icing that evening.  I used the Wilton recipe and it came out great.  I whipped the icing into stiff peaks, divided it into 2 batches, then put one half in the fridge for later and colored the other half red and green.  I found that to thin the icing, adding 1/2 tsp of warm water at a time let me get the proper consistency without over-thinning.

I did not have the proper food coloring, so my red and green “ornament” cookies came out more pink and mint colored.  I had a pastry bag for drawing the lines and I spooned the flood icing onto the cookies.  After doing this, I added squeeze bottles, more food coloring, and more pastry bags onto my Christmas list.

If anyone is interested, here is the Royal Icing 101 Tutorial from I Heart Naptime that I used to get myself started.  I only worked on 3 cookies at a time.  That gave me the perfect amount of time to flood the icing, then go back an lay down the dots and stripes so they would lay flat into the flood and not bleed the colors together.

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The one sad note in this whole project is that my hand mixer died while making the cookie dough.  Luckily, I have some awesome neighbors that let me borrow their stand mixer so I could finish the cookies.  Now I also have a stand mixer on my Christmas list.