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One day after her one month birthday, we got our first social smile from R.  She woke up one morning at about 6 am and just gave me the biggest gummy smile.  My heart just melted.  Since then, her smiles have been fairly rare, but I could usually get a couple in the early morning.  Today, she was nice enough to smile for me while J had his phone ready to snap a couple of pictures.  Official proof that we have a smiling baby!  Now if we could just get her to roll over again…



Even though I already talked about R being 6 weeks old, I wanted to share my weekly/monthly/whenever-I-can picture of her.  I am following the style of Young House Love and taking a pic of R in a white onesie and photshopping her age on it.  Instead of using fun fabric, I am using quilts that my grandma has made for us.  I can't wait to see all the funny expressions and poses she does for the future pictures!

6 weeks old

Now that things are starting to calm down at my house, I can pay attention to some of my hobbies again.  Yay!  Hello blog, I have missed you. <3

R is 6 weeks old now and we are adjusting to being a family of 4 pretty well.  L is still mostly ignoring her, but we have had a breathrough with his attitude.  2 weeks ago, he just suddenly turned over a new leaf and started acting like a normal kid again.  It is such a relief to no longer feel like I am talking to a brick wall whenever I ask him to do something.  I know that it will probably come back in the teen years, but I am glad to have my sweet little boy back for a while at least.

It is amazing how much I appreciate how normal of a baby R is.  Compared to the colic and reflux that L had, a normal baby is a piece of cake!  I am glad that she is our second child, because I would not appreciate this nearly as much if she was our first.  She wakes up every 3 hours, has a few gas issues, and doesn't want to nap without me holding her.  All in all, normal newborn stuff.  :)

I am sure that I will have some deep thoughts for post later, but right now I am just trying to enjoy my baby girl as much as possible before I have to go back to work.  Blech, I am not looking forward to that and it is still weeks away.  I am also going to my 6 weeks post partum visit tomorrow so I will be able to get the OK to exercise again.  I am determined to get back into shape before my maternity leave is over.  The next few weeks should give me a chance to jump start my weight loss, which I hope to document on here.  Now if I could only stop craving biscuits and gravy…


31.6 weeks

I haven’t updated in a while because nothing new has been going on.  On Monday I had another OB appointment and I received the official date that my pregnancy disability leave is going to start.  My last day at work is 3/28 and it cannot come soon enough!  Ever since getting the official date and starting the paperwork, each day seems to drag on.  Minutes feel like they are lasting hours, and don’t even get me started on how long hours seem.  At least having to go to the bathroom every hour is a way to mark time as it passes.

Other than that, baby girl is very active and is giving me crazy heartburn that lasts all day and night.  She even has a little attitude already!  If J puts his hand on my stomach, she calms right down, but if L touches or leans against my stomach she starts kicking in that spot.  She is already trying to defend herself from the attacks of her big brother!  She was also kicking the Doppler when the OB was checking her heartbeat at the appointment.


31 weeks

I have started painting her room finally, but there is still a ton of work that needs to be done in it.  Here is my checklist of things to do in Baby Girl’s room (most of which won’t be happening until I am on leave).  I promise I will write a post once the room is complete and I will have pictures and details on almost everything!

·         Move tall dresser and bookcase to L’s room
·         Move L into his big boy room
·         Paint owl and birds


·         Paint Tulips (4/15 complete)
·         Convert bed back to Crib
·         Make crib skirt
·         Set up changing table (changing pad and diaper changing supplies)
·         Remove the rest of L’s stuff
·         Add closet organizer for baby clothes
·         Buy new curtains (baby blue just doesn’t go with her room colors)
·         Make/Buy mobile

Finally, J just got me hooked on a new cell phone game.  Monster Warlord.  It is crazy addicting and easy to play.  That gives me something to do when I am ready to go all crazy-pregnant-lady on someone.


Bedtime Power Struggle

J and I have been dealing with bronchitis for the past 3 weeks (it just won’t go away!), but at least L has been healthy.  My parents even took L for the first weekend that we were really sick so that J and I could rest and get back to a minimally functional state.  Unfortunately, since that weekend, we have been having a fight with L and every bedtime.

As anyone with a toddler knows, this is the time that they are pushing their boundaries, testing the rules, and generally checking to see who is really the boss.  It is such a fun time to be a parent!  (insert heavy sarcasm here)  Normally we put L to bed at about 8 pm and he wakes up at 6:30 am to go to daycare.  That gives him 10.5 hours of sleep of the 12-13 that is recommended by the APA.  If he takes a nap, usually 1.5-2.5 hours, we hit that recommendation and we are all in a better mood for it.  Lately, L has not been napping most days and the bedtime issues have kept him awake until after 9 pm.  Tired toddler + tired and frustrated Mommy = household in chaos

Earlier this week, we decided that it was finally time to use some tough love on L and end the power struggle of bedtime.  So we did the normal bedtime routine, he didn’t want to snuggle with me so I left the room, and J put him to bed, told him a couple of stories, and then said “Goodnight” and left the room.  L cried for over an hour off and on that first night (Monday).  J finally had to go back in there because he was not stopping and I did not want him to make himself sick.  After getting snuggles from Daddy, he settled right down.  Tuesday night we did the same routine and L cried for half an hour.  Wednesday night he did not cry at all!  Thursday night he cried for 10 minutes, and last night he cried for 10 minutes again.  We are making progress!!

I have to put in a disclaimer.  My son does not cry for an hour straight ever.  In this instance, he would cry for 20-30 seconds and then stop and listen to see if anyone was coming to comfort him.  It was very clear that this was an attention seeking behavior, not a real cry.  He has Olympic level skills in stubbornness (courtesy of his Mother I am guessing) and he wins far more often than I would like to admit.  But bedtime is something that I am firm on.  Not only does he need the sleep to keep from being a monster, so do I!


Musings During a Glucose Test

Glucose Drink

-30 minutes

Driving to the lab for my glucose test with the sun rising on my left.  It looks like a beautiful morning and I hope L and J are having fun with breakfast. Mmmm breakfast, I am starving.  By the time I am done with my test I can go and get a bagel, or Starbucks, or hash browns, or…. (so hungry).  After that, we can meet at Lowes and look for some kind of closet organizer for L’s big boy room.  We won’t be painting this weekend, due to a trip to my parent’s house, so I want to get other stuff done on the room.  I am starting to get the nesting urge for this baby, but I can’t work on the nursery until L is in his new room.

0 minutes

Just finished drinking the glucose solution.  I completely understand why this is a necessary test during pregnancy, but it does not make it any easier to fast for 12 hours and then drink a nasty-flavored pure-sugar drink.  At least this time it was lime flavored, not orange.  The orange flavor I had with my previous pregnancy was the worst beverage I have ever drank.

30 minutes

Just finished watching another gal drink her glucose beverage.  She almost didn’t drink the whole thing in the allotted 5 minutes.  Must be a rookie.  The sooner you finish your drink, the sooner the timer starts.  I am feeling the beginnings of some major heartburn coming on too.  I seem to get heartburn right now no matter what I do.  If I don’t eat I get it.  If I eat bread I get it.  If I turn my head to the left I get it.  The only time I don’t have heartburn right now is 2 hours after taking Tums.  I am already counting down the minutes till my halfway blood draw.  This is not a good sign for how the 2nd hour is going to go…

60 minutes

Halfway done, woo!  Got my second blood draw (hurt a bit more this time) and I am hoping that this second hour goes by faster than the first.  I think I might try and read the book I brought.  There is no Wi-Fi so my phone is not updating most apps right now.  I am really frustrated at my phone because of this.  I just got my new phone (under warranty so same phone as before) and I have set the mobile data settings as ON, but I still cannot refresh Instagram or BabyCenter.  Huge bummer, because BabyCenter is good for hours of entertainment.  Lots of drama and silly first time mom questions (check it out if you are pregnant of have a young child!)  At this point, the thought of food is making my nausea much much worse.  I have reached the stage of excess saliva, but not quite to the gagging stage.  I hope that this second hour is better.  I really really really hope.  And someone just walked in and started to eat McDonalds.  Sigh.

90 minutes

The end is in sight!  I have seen so many people come in and out of the lab in just an hour and a half.  For a Saturday morning, they are just as busy as a Thursday afternoon (my normal day for blood work).  Thank goodness I brought my laptop to work on (play games on) and the Christmas Thank-you cards that I needed to write still.

120 minutes

I feel like running around in triumph.  I made it through the test without tossing my cookies or going crazy with boredom!  My backside can testify to how uncomfortable the waiting room chairs are too.  You would think that this amount of sugar would give me some pep, but I just want a nap at this point.  The second hour was easier that the first, like they said it would be.  My nausea and heartburn started to go away after the 90 minute mark; the boredom of sitting here for 2 hours was the hardest thing to deal with.  Now I am off to go and get some well-deserved breakfast!



23.4 weeks

IMG_20140106_1914123 more weeks has passed since my last update and we all made it through the holiday season without major injuries or homocide.  (It was quite a challenge)  I am rapidly approaching the third trimester and it is scary.  I am so not ready for this baby to be here yet; I remember thinking the same thing with L too.  I wanted to have L's big boy room completed by Feb 1st so we can get him used to it.  Nothing much has been done on that front.  And until we have him in his new room, we can't get the nursery girl-ified.  So yeah, I feel like I have an overwhelming list of things that need to get done.  Most days I wish I could just stay home and get all the stuff that I need to do as a wife and especially mother done, but I also have a full time job.  There are just not enough hours in the day for me right now.

On top of all that, my depression has started to kick back in.  I was doing good for the past months, but I can feel it getting worse slowly.  I think I am going to have to go back on meds sooner than I would like.

On a happier note, our little girl is kicking up a storm on my bladder every evening and night.  It is so cool to feel her moving around inside me (a little freaky at times too) and it is a great reminder of why I am powering through the bad days.  There is a light at the end of this pergnancy tunnel.  Hopefully a good eating, good sleeping, colic free light. :)  I am still craving cheezeburgers and other fatty, protien rich foods.  I could eat swedish meatballs for every meal and not be sick of it for months.  Mmmmm…. Great, now I am hungry again.

Afraid of the Dark

Three nights ago, L decided that he wanted the owl light in his room on to go to bed.  We decided that was ok (mostly not worth the battle that would ensue) and let him have his night-light.  The next night, we put him to bed like normal, but did not turn the owl light on and he did not ask for it.  Minutes after leaving the room, I hear cries of “Mommy! Moooooooooommy!” so of course I go to see what is the matter.  I crouch down by L, rub his back, and ask him what is wrong.  His response is a whimpered, “Dark big scary.  Scary.  Turn owl light on.  Please?”  Now I have a dilemma.  Do I heed his wishes and turn his light on, letting him see that there is nothing scary in his room so he can sleep?  Or do I comfort him and stay with him until he falls asleep in the dark, so he knows that there is nothing to be afraid of?  (Leaving my terrified child alone in the dark is not an option)

This makes me wonder when we are supposed to give in to our child’s fears and when we are supposed to encourage them to overcome them.  L is only 2 years old, so these debates are a little premature, but they are rolling around in my head, none the less.  When do we stop chasing away the scary monster and start teaching our children to chase the monster away themselves?

For now, L will have his owl light on in his room and his Mommy will be there to chase away the monsters.

20.0 weeks: Pregnancy Sucks

I have officially reached the halfway point, yay!  And honestly, I have had it up to here (my hand is above my head) with this pregnancy.  I was really hoping that I could write about how much I love my unborn child and how I cherish each little kick that I feel; that is just not the mood that is coming across today.

Today I am tired of being tired.  All day, every day, complete exhaustion.  I feel like a zombie each day that I manage to drag myself out of bed.  I thought this was supposed to get better by now.

Sleeping has sucked for the past few weeks too.  Between having to get up to pee every hour (not exaggerating) and J snoring because of his cold, I am getting about 5 hours of interrupted sleep each night.  I can take a Unisom and crash out for the whole night, but then in the morning I am so groggy that I don’t even remember my drive to work.  That is very scary.

And finally, the headaches.  Why oh why won’t they stop?  I am having severe headaches almost every day and we have discovered that my triggers are: lack of sleep (surprise!), and stress.  With neither of those changing anytime soon, I doubt the headaches will be disappearing anytime soon.

Having complained about my problems, I know that no one is probably still reading this, but it feels good to vent it out.  I wish I could just be enjoying the wonderful miracle of life that is occurring inside of me.  I wish this pregnancy was going as easily as my first one.  Many a night, laying awake in bed, I wonder why I thought this was a good idea.  I am sure that it will all be worth it in the end, but right now, pregnancy sucks.