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Bonny Doon Vineyards

Santa Cruz Mountains

In the beginning of April, Jack and I went wine tasting at Bonny Doon Vineyards in Santa Cruz.  When I say “in Santa Cruz”, I mean only in SC by a techicality.  It is really far up in the SC mountains, which is a beautiful drive.  Bonny Doon is known for its non-standard wines and creative wine labels.  If we could be members at another winery, this would be our pick.

The tasting room was very busy the Friday that we went up there.  Luckily, our attendant was only dealing with us and another couple.  The other couple were wine club members and they were just finishing up their tasing and deciding Albarinowhat to purchase when we began at the top of the list.  The attendant gave most of her attention to the other couple at first, and I don’t blame her because they were making a large purchase, but I was releved when they finally left and I could ask questions about the wine.  I liked just about every wine that we tasted, and Jack actually enjoyed a white wine!

2006 Ca’ del Sol Albarino – I have never tasted an Albarino before, but it is now on my list of white wines that I really like, and Jack likes too.  I found it to be a light and refreshing white wine, lighter than a Chardonnay but still with more flavor than a Pinot Grigo or a Sauvignion Blanc.  If you are wondering what the hell is on the label, as I was, here is the golden moment of enlightenment.  It is a sensitive crystalization of the wine.  They take a drop of the wine, let it crystalize and then take a picture of it.  Isn’t that neat? (Science can be art too!)

Le Cigare Volant2003 Le Cigare Volant – This was a red blend that I found very enjoyable and fast drinking.  ::grin::  This is a Rhone style blend of : 35% mourvèdre, 32% syrah, 26% grenache, and 7% cinsault.  It has flavours of raspberry dominating, with spice and pepper as a close second.  It has a slightly dry finish and a lingering taste on the palate that would go greate with a cigar.  The last time that the made a blend of this type was in 1995, and it was great from the start and aged beautifully.  They are expecting this wine to just keep getting better over the next 15 years, and I am looking forward to it.