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12.0 weeks

Well, supposedly today is the turning point for all those first trimester woes.  From this point onward I am supposed to be less nauseated, have more energy, and be in the "pretty" pregnancy stage.  I am highly skeptical.

We made the official Facebook announcement to the world of our friends, family, and acquaintances.  We decided that since the timing was pretty close, we would make the bigIMG_3095announcement on our wedding anniversary.  It just worked out.  We decided to go simple and just post a picture of L wearing a Big Brother shirt.  I know it is overused and cliche, but there are limited things that you can get a 2 year old to do when they are in the "NO" stage.  We were lucky to even get him in the shirt!

It is a relief to have the news public, and most people seem excited for us.  One big exception is L himself.  We told him that night about the baby growing in Mommy's tummy and started to talk to him about being a big brother.  We asked him if he wanted a baby brother or sister to play with like is cousin G has.  His response was a characteristic first child response of "Ummmm Nope!"  Honestly, I can't blame him; I felt the same way about my younger brother for the first 15 years of his life (he got better as we got older).

So, other than more preggo and baby talk the only thing going on in my life is work and prepping for a friend's baby shower this weekend.  They read this blog so I can't tell you any of the super-secret details, though.  Work is also super-secret so there is not much I can say.  Price of working in R&D in a very competitive area, I guess.  Suffice to say, I am working on a big project and having to take more responsibility that I have previously had to.  Other departments are not enthusiastic about this, so there is a lot of push-back that I am learning how to deal with.  Previously, I just got my work done with minimal interaction with other people.  Today I had people calling me on my cell, office phone, and coming to talk to me, all at the same time.  It is exhausting and fulfilling to be consulted for information and answers about this project.  For once I feel like I am taking ownership of a project!  Hopefully this ends up being a great success and not one of the many failures that happen when working in research.