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Toddler Bedroom – Picking a Theme

Since the nursery was a fairly gender neutral theme (and I spent days painting the mural in it) we decided to convert the guest room into L's new "big boy" bedroom.  Once we made that decision, I started to research different themes on Pinterest.  There are so many ideas on that wonderful/evil site!  I had a hard time picking just one, so I gave L a few options to choose between.  I showed him pictures of the bedding that we would get him, to help him choose which one he liked the best.




Pottery Barn Kids



His first pick was fire trucks, but due to the changeable nature of toddler likes and dislikes, we asked him a few times over about a month to see if he changed his mind.  Nope, he chose the fire trucks every time.  No matter which one he ended up choosing, I had some great ideas for the room, but I was a little relieved that he did not choose the cars bedding set.  As much as I lover Pottery Barn, I was not looking forward to paying that much for bedding for him.  Luckily, he chose the Carter's bedding and that is much more affordable.

So, the first thing we did was to order the bedding and use that as a guide for the rest of the room.  L was so excited when the bedding arrived, he wanted to start using it right away.  We managed to delay it until his room was almost complete.  We figured that the excitement of his special fire truck sheets would make the first night in a new room less scary.