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Baby Girl’s Unexpected Arrival

Little did I know, after writting that last post, that my baby girl would be showing up in just 2 short days.  Yes, 2 days later! 

baby girlOur little girl had to one up her big brother and show up even earlier than he did; my original due date was 5/1 and my c-section was scheduled for 4/26.  I had been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions the past few weeks, so when I woke up with some contractions on 4/16 I figured it was just more of those or false labor.  I had an OB appointment later that morning anyways, so if I really did go into labor we would be close to the hospital.  Before leaving for my appointment, the contractions were about 20 minutes apart.

We got up to my appointment and they did a growth scan of baby girl (estimated her at 6 lbs 11 oz), and tried to get me in for a non-stress test to see if the contractions were real.  There was a long wait to use the monitors, so I was told to just go to the hospital to have them monitored.  At this time they were 10 minutes apart and I was pretty sure that today would be baby day.  While I was at my appointment, I also received a text from Aunt Jeni that Tay was in labor and at her hospital.

We got to the hospital and I got hooked up to the monitors.  After watching the contractions for about an hour they were 3 minutes apart and the doctor said we would be having a baby today.  That is when we decided to call family and tell them that today was baby day for us too!  I had to wait for a few hours for the OR to open up so I could get my c-section.  Ironically, I had the same surgeon that delivered L.  She did a great job once again and I had an amazing anesthesiologist and nursing staff the entire time I was in the hospital.

R was delivered at 4:19 pm on 4/16/2014 at 7 lbs even and 18.75 inches long.  It took us a few days to decide on her name (just like with L) because we had not narrowed our list down yet.  I got to see her for a quick second after they pulled her out and before cleanup, but then I didn't get to see her for another 4 hours.  R had a very rapid rate of breathing so they took her right to the NICU for observation.  After an x-ray, it looked like she had penumo mediastration (some air around her heart) that can spontaneously happen when baby takes her first breath.  They monitored her in the NICU for 4 hours and J stayed with her the whole time.  I had my phone with me in recovery, so he kept me updated on how our little girl was doing.

After 3 hours, I was allowed to go and see her and try to feed her, but she had no interest in breastfeeding right then, she just wanted to sleep and snuggle with me.  Because her blood sugar was getting too low, they wheeled me into our room and J stayed in the NICU to give her a bottle.  After 4 hours of observation, they sent her to our room, but her breathing was still too rapid.  Based on that, we had them keep her in the nursery that night so a nurse could watch her the entire night for us, since we did not trust that we would be able to stay awake all night to watch her breathing.  I was too worried and amped up to sleep at all that night, but J at least got some sleep.

The next day R was able to come back in our room and we started thinking of a name for her.  On Friday, Grandma T brought L up to see his new baby  sister and we tried out the new name.  L has been insisting on Penny as the baby's name for the entire pregnancy.  When he came into the room, we showed him R and said, "This is your little sister."  He said, "Her name is Penny."  We responded with, "No, her name is R-".  About an hour after that, we asked him what his baby sister's name was and he said, "R-."  We were so relieved that he was able to handle the name change. :)

On Saturday, R got one last x-ray and I had to have one more procedure done.  I ended up getting a spinal headache from the anesthesia during my c-section.  This is where the hole in the derma of your spine doesn't close and if you sit upright you get a horrible headache from low spinal fluid pressure.  The remedy is to give a blood patch, where they take out some of your blood (20 ccs) and inject it into where the spinal anesthetic was in your spinal column.  Not a fun thing to have to do, but as soon as the anesthesiologist injected the blood I felt instant relief.  I am so glad that this happened while I was still in the hospital, not after I went home!

We were able to bring R home on Sunday (Easter) and we have been settling into life with 2 kids.  L has been so good with his baby sister and very concerned with anytime she cries.  I have so many stories of all the cute things he has said, but I will save them for another post, as this one is overly wordy already.