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5 Bucks on Failing Again!

Having missed NaBloPoMo by about 4 weeks, I feel a little late to be challenging myself to blog more.  With the craziness of the holidays, being pregnant, chasing a toddler around, and oh yeah actually working at my job, I feel like I need to do something for myself.  Being pregnant has taken most of my me-time activities away already (steaming hot baths and glasses of wine) so blogging and playing video games are my two to fall back on.  Being crafty is always an option, but less appealing when I consider the mess I have to clean up and trying to keep 2 year old fingers away from my needle nose pliers.

Yes, this will probably end up like all of my other commitments to blog (exercise/eat healthy/paint/cook/save money/knit/clean/garden/etc.) more; in a slow trudge of needing to sleep more than I need to blog, ending in a wallow of depression because I failed yet again.  The times I can set aside to blog are either waking up an hour early (5 am, yuck!) or staying up an hour later (11 pm, sigh).  Ah, the life of a working mother.  So, right now, I am going to try to stay up later to blog, or try to write on my lunch break.  Good plan, right?  I bet $5 that I don’t make it a whole week, even with Thanksgiving to give me extra days to blog.