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Photo a Day 2016

Once again, I am attempting to complete a photo a day challenge. After my successful challenge in 2013, I am ready to try again for 2016.

This time I am using Instagram and Facebook to post the photos.  I find that the idea of a Photo a Day is a little different for some people. Some people think it means to post any old photo that you have taken in the past (I feel like these people are just looking for likes). Other people (like me) believe that the point it to take a new photo each day with the prompt in mind.

I will see how long I can keep it going this time around. I am looking forward to a shiny new photo book of these new pictures, though.

Weight Loss Challenge – Week 1 of 8

So, a group of friends and I are doing a weight loss challenge.  Whomever looses the most weight in 8 weeks wins the prize.  We are judging the winner based on who loses the highest % of their starting weight.  We figured that was the fairest way to do the challenge, since there are so many different body types participating.  I have to say, that the first week I am kicking butt.  Hopefully, I can keep this rate of weight loss going!  The first week, I have lost 1.5% of my starting weight.  Woo hoo!!

I cannot credit any insane exercise plan.  I have just reduced my snacking, tried to eat healthier, and been under an incredible amount of stress.  I have not cut out bacon or gluten or any of the foods that I love.  I have done that in the past, and after a few weeks I have been so miserable that I have overindulged on everything I was restricting.  So instead, this time I am going for moderation.  If I crave french fries, I will have a few.  Not a whole massive order of them, but a few; just enough to take the edge off the craving and make me feel happy in my tummy. With the stress that I am experiencing, I need some good chocolate and beer in my life. :)

Challenge Accepted . . . maybe

Do I think I am more or less likely to complete December 2013 NaBloPoMo?

This is a tough prompt for me to anwser; I think both yes and no.  

Yes, because I feel the need to do something other than work, sleep, and take care of my son.  Notice that cleaning the house is not in that list.  Right now, I feel like I am losing my identity as a person outside of being a working mom.  With this pregnancy, I have become even more focused on just simply getting from one day to the next without any major meltdowns (for me or L).  I think that getting back into writting might be an easy way to give myself something to spend an hour on each night, just for me.

No, because I feel so overwhelmed with just the idea of getting from one day to the next.  Futhermore, I do not have a good track record of completing the NaBloPoMo months.  I am also not doing myself any favors by trying this again during the busiest month of the year.  So yeah, I will be surprised at myself if I manage to complete the month.

Last year I was able to complete the PhotoADay challenge and take a picture roughly every day.  Once the year ended and I became pregnant with #2 my photo taking slipped further and further behind.  I am extremely disappointed in myself for losing that habit after working for a year to make it a habit.  I got some really good pictures (and some really bad ones) from doing that challenge; improving my composition style was the best thing I got out of it.  I am challenging myself to complete this challenge to improve my writting and to give myself an identity outside of working mom.