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My Favorite Shops – Minion Edition

I love looking on ETSY for new clothes and toys for my kids, as I am sure that many parents do as well.  So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shops that I have come across over the years.  I have not been comped or anything for this post, FYI, these are just my favorite shops to look at and purchase from.

logoBaby headbands!  Having a baby girl, now I realize why people put headbands on their little girls, they are just adorable.  LHS has knotted ones that are just my style, simple and classy.  I am a fan of the Julia collection, being a mom that avoids pink.  No giant bows or flowers in this house.  They also have little dresses, shorts, rompers, and so much more.  If you see something here that you like, buy it quick because they sell out fast!

logo (1)J first saw these moccasins on Shark Tank and made the mistake of telling me about them.  Of course I had to promptly go out and buy a pair!  We used them in my maternity pictures for R, and I can't wait for her little feet to get big enough to wear them.  It is so hard not to buy another pair every time they release new colors (I am drooling over the huckleberry ones) 


logo (2)These lightweight, bamboo wraps are a dream for any baby wearing parent.  The colors are classic and the quality is impeccable (and the price is affordable too).  They just restocked their shop, so I am having a hard time not buying one to match every outfit.  My favorite is the grey stripe, but I can't wait to see what colors are coming next!



il_570xN.610218431_gmq3Lanette made R's birth announcement and L's invites for his 3rd birthday.  I love her modern designs and she is great with custom orders!  She designs all kinds of paper goods for parties, not just invites and announcements.  You can get digital files for cupcake toppers, banners, water bottle labels and much more!

I compare my kid to others. How can I stop?

Being a first time mom and not ever being around children, I can try and make excuses for it.  But as much as I try and stop I just keep doing it.  I keep comparing L to other kids.

As every parent does, I want L to be the best and brightest and most interesting kid.  IMG_20121209_163413Ever.  Realistically, I know that he is the best to his parents and that is about it.  Unfortunately, I keep comparing him to other children his age and he keeps coming up short.  The blame for this is fully in my court in my mind.  I am working, so I don't have the time or energy to spend each day teaching him and discovering the world with him.  I feel like anything that he is not doing yet is because I am not there to support him like a mom should.  Can we say UBER Mommy Guilt over here?

I have read many books about working moms and letting go of the guilt, but none of them seem to help.  Each morning I drive to work, looking forward to seeing L when I get home.  Each evening I come home exhausted to a fussy boy who is ready for bedtime.  Honestly, who can blame him; I am ready for bed too.  Any time that I could be spending time with him on the weekend is taken up by running errands and cleaning house.

I have been worried about L being autistic for the past year; his 18 month appointment is next week and that is where a big developmental analysis is done at our pediatrician's office.  I am so worried and stressed about this whole thing.  Because this appointment is coming up so soon, I find myself comparing L to the other children more and more.  Unfortunately, there are many friends and family that are too close in age to L and too easy to compare to.

Any advice from other moms that have been there?  I try to find things that he does before or better than the other kids to help balance out my negativity, but they seem to fade away in the moments that I need them.  Positive thinking has never been my strong suit.