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Decorating the Tree

JTA_2011 2 small

Just a quick snapshot of a peaceful moment in the middle of a holiday weekend filled with family, tantrums, sibling rivalry, and stomach viruses.

And I do have to comment about how much I hate yellow colored walls in pictures.  No matter what you do, the yellow tone is just overpowering.  Next house, no yellow walls allowed. Ever,

Do I blame Christmas?

I don’t know if this happens with all kids, but L has gone insane over the past month.  Is it due to his age or due to Christmas, I can’t tell.  I can say for sure that this is the first year that he has really understood that Christmas is coming and that he is getting presents (contingent upon good behavior).

This past month has been a challenge and I only foresee it getting worse.  Blatantly ignoring the rules that he once had no problem following.  Screaming “NO” at us when we ask him to do a simple task.  Crying at almost anything.  Constantly whining.  And oh the potty training.  The potty training is a whole different post.

Is this the transition from being a three-nager to the effing fours?  Is this just Christmas and we get to look forward to this every year?  I will let you know next month when the holidays have passed and hopefully the attitude has too.  ::fingers crossed::