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Toddler Bedroom – Toy Storage

IMG_20140108_18180216The first thing we did was to clean out the storage guest room.  We took down the old bookcases and gave them to a coworker of mine.  L had a great time helping with that project!  He knows how to use a screwdriver now, he just doesnt have the grip strength to be effective with it.  It took 5 times longer with his help, of course, but it kept him entertained and burned off some of his energy before bedtime.  Having him help also made the room more "his" than if we just did everything for him.  From the first day we started working on his room, he asked to sleep in there every night.  We bought his toddler bed, but we kept it in the box until we were ready for him to sleep in his new room.

The next step was to add some storage for his toys that would end up in his room.  We knew0112141856a04 we were going to bring the dresser and bookcase from the nursery furniture set into his room, but we wanted something to go into the closet for the toys.  We decided to go with 2 square shelf units and fabric cubbies from Lowe's.  We measured the closet and build in bars to determine which shelf units would fit the best.  L had so much fun helping us build them!  He climbed all over them and tore apart all of the Styrofoam, making a gigantic mess.  Sigh.

In an effort to make the bland, white shelves more interesting, I decided to decorate the backing.  I used Sharpie Paint Pens, and drew a different design on each square of the backing.  It took 30 – 90 minutes to do each square, depending on the complexity and number of interruptions.  Not all of the openings had backing (thankfully!) so the undecorated ones were designated to be the cubby receptacles.

Can you guess which design was his favorite?  Yep, the city.  He was so excited to play with his planes and cars in the cubby shelves; bedtime was later than normal that night.