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Photo A Day

I have been taking a photo a day (or so) for 6 months now.  I started this project to add some challenge to my life of work and parenting, to give CPR to my creative side.  It was an easy thing to start; just take one picture a day.  I started by following FatMumSlim and using her Photo A Day prompts to help me look at my world with a different perspective.  I take the pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (mostly) and I post them on Istagram.  The most helpful app that I have been using for this is Remember the Milk.  It is a list/calendar app that I use to keep track of what the prompt is for the day.  Being able to enter in the prompts for a whole month via the computer and then see them on the appropriate day on my phone lets me focus on my one picture for that day.  I am looking forward to making it through a whole year and eventually creating a book of my pictures.