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All the hand drawn elements I would ever need

One of the design bloggers I follow is Chris Spooner at his site SpoonGraphics.  I have learned so much through his tutorials and I love his freebies.  Today he posted a pack of design elements through Design Cuts that I may or may not have run to the computer to purchase.

I am loving the handmade style that is prevalent in the graphic design arena right now, but I do not have the time to create these elements myself.  That is why I am super thankful that other artists do that part of the work for me, letting me devote more time to the design work that I adore.

Normally, I would like to make a few example items to show off what these sets can do, but I don’t want to wait to post this long enough to do that.  If you are looking for some resources and ideas for your design/web/scrapbooking, I highly recommend checking these out.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I am just sharing something that I think is really awesome with the interwebs*

Expanding my Graphic Design Skills

Since I will be going back to an office job soon, I have tried to get as much graphic design practice in while I could.  Recently I have started to not just make invitations and milestone cards, but I have also expanded into the world of digital paper and clip-art.  Just today I published my first listing of a digital paper pack.  So exciting!!

retro triangles digital paper display pic

I spent many hours working on what looks like a simple item.  Graphic design is becoming a true passion for me and I really hope that I will have time in the future to continue working on developing my skills.  I am slowly discovering my own style, which is leaning more towards clean and modern lines than what I see many other people making (and purchasing).  What do you think?  Any feedback on what I should make next?  I am thinking of taking each color group in this pack and making a group of different designs but with the same color theme.  Is there a color group that you think works better or is just horribly ugly?

… Yes, I am asking for audience participation.  I may come to regret this…