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Invisalign – Tray 12

I wasn’t going to update my progress for a few more trays but I had to share some exciting news (exciting to me anyway).  I am doing so well with my progress that my orthodontist said that he wanted me to change trays every 10 days instead of every 14 days!  I am so excited to be able to speed up my treatment plan. 

The past few trays I have really been able to notice some tooth movement on my front problem teeth.  Previous trays worked to move my molars to make room for my front teeth to be corrected, also know as making huge gaps between my back teeth for food to get stuck in.  I am looking forward to when those gaps are closed and I don’t have to spend 15 mins after every meal trying to get all that crud out.

My morning coffee is still my major time without my trays in. I can only drink 3 cups of coffee so fast, ya know?  *TMI Warning*  Oh, and this past weekend I caught a stomach bug from the kids.  I quickly found out exactly how fast I can get my trays out when the nausea hits.  So glad that is over and I am feeling better!!

Invisalign – Tray 10

Yep, I am still working on my Invisalign.  It has now become a habit to have the trays in; my mouth feels weird when I don’t have them in.  The rubber bands are still annoying, but I guess that is just a small irritation in the grand scheme of things.

I am officially over 1/4 of the way done with this whole process.  Woo-hoo!!  I haven’t noticed much straightening of my front teeth yet, but my molars are definitely moving a bunch.  I am not surprised at this, because the orthodontist said that my back teeth had to move to make room for my front teeth to be straightened.  I have had a few teeth that feel a little loose and some pretty severe tooth pain.  I went to the dentist to get it checked, but it was just from my bite changing which teeth connect and me clenching my teeth all night.  Huge relief that is all it was!

It is a long haul until the finish of this process, but I will be very excited when I am finished.  As with my Lasik, I am expecting this process to be worth every frustration and every penny in the end.

Invisalign – Tray 3

Yesterday, I had my attachments put on.  They don’t really tell you about that part in the Invisalign adds.  The attachments create pressure points that help to move your teeth.  They also make your trays fit much tighter.  So tight that I can barely remove my trays.  I have 3 chips in my gel manicure from prying them out.  I have never chipped a gel manicure before!

Since I don’t feel like taking a picture, here is a diagram of my attachments.  They are tooth colored in real life, not blue (thankfully).


My teeth hurt.  It doesn’t help that I am super stressed out right now, which is causing me to clench my teeth all night long.  So, I have 8 weeks of just attachments, and then I will get my rubber bands put on too.  Joy.  I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the end… and it damn well better be!!  I really miss being able to taste what I am cooking without thinking about it.  And I really, really miss being able to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Invisalign – Tray 1

Yesterday I started my journey towards straighter teeth.  Many friends and family have told me that my teeth don’t seem that crooked, but 2 years of planned Invisalign would disagree with that statement.  Two years.  Well, technically 20 months, but orthodontic treatments somehow always seem to go longer than they first estimate.

For the 3 people that are reading this, if you do not know what Invisalign is, it is “invisible” braces.  Clear and quite stiff trays that you wear for 2-3 weeks at a time that will slowly straighten your teeth.  Some teeth movement is not able to be done with this treatment, but it seems like many people are candidates.

6 weeks ago I went to get my teeth scanned so they could make my treatment plan and order my trays.  Seeing a 3D model of your mouth on a computer is pretty amazing.  I love the fact that I did not have to get molds made, always a painful process for me.  6 weeks ago, I paid my deposit to start the treatment and set up the payment plan for the rest of the (quite high) cost.

Yesterday, I was finally able to get my first set of trays… out of 38.  It was a pretty easy process, having been a previous acquaintance of whitening trays.  These trays are much stiffer and tighter fitting, but they did not cause any pain… at first.  The first 2 sets of trays for me will have no attachments, but in a month, I go back in to get my attachments put on.  I will have 9 buttons (tooth colored protrusions to help move my teeth) on my teeth and hooks for rubber bands.  Luckily, I do not need any attachments on my front 2 teeth, just 7 of the upper surrounding ones, and one lone one on the lower.  I have seen pictures of people with 3 attachments on one front tooth, and it is quite visible to me.  I was a little concerned that I would be in the same situation, but you can imagine my relief that I am not.


Now, about the pain.  4 hours after my appointment, the pain started.  Oh man, did the pain start.  I took ibuprofen and it did squat for the pain.  We had pasta for dinner (not al dente, quite cooked), but it was harder and more painful to chew that I expected for the first day.  Luckily, I was tired enough from R not sleeping that I was able to pass out in bed with no problem.  When I woke, my teeth did not hurt at all.  I did notice that my morning breath was way worse than usual.  You would think that excessively brushing and flossing would make it better!  After being up and about for a few hours, I noticed that my teeth were starting to hurt again.

Now, well into my second day, the pain is almost gone.  Just a slight ache and tightness in a couple of my teeth.  Those same teeth are feeling a slight bit loose, but I don’t know if that is all in my head or real at this point.  I know it is a common side effect of the treatment.  Be prepared to hear about all the nightmares I have about my teeth falling out when I remove a tray.  It feels so good to remove the trays right now.  Like when you are bloated and wearing too tight pants, then you undo that top button and sweet relief.

I am committed to seeing this treatment through, but right now it is very frustrating.  I am at home, and R is going through a no nap phase.  So, I am having a hard time distracting myself from the frustration of having the trays in and not being able to sip on my coffee all day.  No more all day coffee and tea.  I am dying a little inside.