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The lost art of Nap

I love a good nap.  Really, who doesn't love a good nap.  No, I don't believe you… you have never had a good nap if you don't like napping.  That one perfect nap is like a gateway drug.  You are forever searching for that same "high" of perfect nap from then on.  Some lucky individuals are good nappers (my husband) and some people have a difficult time even getting a mediocre nap (yours truly).  Now with a toddler running around, I find napping to be a luxury, right up there with caviar, massages, and houscleaning service.

I stumbled upon a very nice infographic about napping that I wanted to share with you (as amorphous as you are).  It had some neat data and pretty graphics, which are my 2 favorite things on the inter-webs. [via]

Napping Infographic

If you found that interesting, as I did, here is another one.  Did I ever mention that I love infographics?  I love infographics.  Two sites that I frequently read are Flowing Data and Daily Infographic.  They will drop a knowlegde bomb on your [cough].


FYI – No one paid me for this or any of my posts.  I just like to share cool things I find.  If I ever get enough fame to be perked for anything two things will happen: hell will freeze over, and I will let you know.  Pinkie-swear!