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Please Sir, I’d like some more… time

What do I wish I had more time to do each day?

Honestly, I wish I had more time to blog.  I am a pregnant, mother of a toddler, working mom with a long commute.  From when I wake up to when I go to bed, my day is filled with the needs of other people (my son, my husband, my unborn child, my boss, ect.).  I just wish I had more time to blog during the daylight hours; the hours that my brain is functioning and my mood is as chipper as it is ever going to get.

Right now I am stealing time to blog on my lunch break, coffee break, or after L goes to bed.  My breaks are too short to form a cohesive post and my brain is fried by the time L goes to bed.  The days when J is working late and I have to single-mom the evening, my chance of blogging is nil.  Weekends aren’t any better, as that is my time to do family activities, clean house, or catch up on the mountain of laundry.

So, while I should want more time to clean or spend with my family (if I was the ideal mom), I just want a little bit more me time.  A chance to feel like a person that has thoughts outside of baby diapers and baby spinach.  A chance to accomplish something that I take pride in.  A chance to be me.  The real me.

Life Block

Well, all of you who have noticed that I have been MIA the past few weeks months (all 3 of you) might be wondering what has happened to my drive to blog.  Honestly, having a full time job with a long commute and a 2 year old at home doesn’t give me much time to blog right now.  Previously I would think of something to write about and hammer it out in about 30 minutes. Posted. Done.  Recently I have been having a very hard time finding something to write about.  I have been reading many interesting posts by other people about cool things happening in their lives.  I read them and wonder… Why I don’t have any cool or funny moments with L to write about?  How am I not able to find humor in the mundane occurrences at my office?

I guess I have writer’s block.  Or maybe life block.

Right now, the same old routine is all that is going on.  I know I will eventually get out of this funk, but until then bear with me and my silence on the blog-o-sphere.