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Where the days go

Now that we have been in CT for a few months, I am thinking that we made the right decision.  I know that the family (mostly my in-laws and that side) think that we are insane for moving to another state.  A state where we know no one, have no family, and have never visited other than me coming for my interview.  I admit that there have been a couple moments where I thought, What the eff have I done to my family?  Those thoughts have been very few and far between, though.  I would be crazy to not have any thoughts or questions about this huge change.

The kids are thriving out here.  They are doing great in their new school and love our new house and huge yard that they can play in.  Living in an old house is a huge change for us, I am not used to all the “quirks” that come with an old house.  Windows that don’t open, sagging floors, and ZERO closet space.  But we also have amazing original door and window frames, a huge backyard, and a great central location for activities and shopping.

I love my job and feel like I have an identity again outside of “Mom”.  J and I are happier for having faced this challenge together.  We will see how we do when the snow comes and we are stuck inside for weeks at at time.  For now, we are enjoying the last days of summer.


Cross Country Relocation

Moving map

Yes, you read that right.  I accepted a new job in CT and will be relocating my family there in a few short weeks.  I intended to write about the moving experience, but so far it has just been one stress after another, which does not make for very interesting reading.

I hope that at some point soon I will have something insightful to say about moving my family away from everyone and everything we know.  Right now I can say that it is very exciting and scary as hell.