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Strike a Chord


Music has been a part of my life from a very young age.  I remember going to my grandma's house and playing on her piano when I was in kindergarten; there are pictures of me banging on the keys much younger than that even.  In 3rd grade I started to play the recorder with the rest of my class.  I squeaked and squawked that thing to no end, and I can't imagine how annoying it must have been to my family and all the neighbors.  In 5th grade I started the clarinet, inspired by my mom having played the clarinet in high school.  The squeaks from that were much more musical than the dreaded recorder, thankfully.

In 7th grade, my passion for music really took off when I learned to play the bassoon.  I took to this unique instrument with a gusto. I started to also learn the flute and play the piano whenever I could get to a friends house to borrow theirs.  205708_5747353495_2552_n01I kept up with the bassoon through high school and in my freshman year my parents bought a baby grand piano.  This piano was my favorite instrument by far, and I spent hours each day practicing and playing.  My sophomore year in high school I joined the marching band and learned to play percussion.  I was queen of the timpani and a master of the marimba within my first year.  While in high school I also taught myself the oboe for a few specific songs that the director wanted to play.  I attempted to learn the french horn too, but I could never get the "buzz" correct.

Looking back at my long history of music, it is rather sad that my bassoon has been languishing in my closet since college.  I have an upright piano that I try and fiddle on every month or so, but if L is home he pushes my hands away so he can play.  Music has been pushed out of my life by family, work, and chores.  Maybe next year I will make a resolution to bring music back into my life; it was a formative part of my youth and I want my children to participate in music as well.

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Three Songs

There are many songs that speak to me over the years, but right now there are 3 songs that have had an impact across many stages in my life. I included links to the Amazon mp3 of each song so you can hear a preview of it if you want.  I can sing these songs in my sleep and frequently belt them out while driving to work.  A very good reason why I never carpool.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails
This song was my anthem in my angsty high school phase.  I felt like I was empty because no one understood me, as I am sure that most teenagers feel.  Everytime I hear this song, it brings me back to those days.  I am too busy now to feel misunderstood, but I still think that this is a beautiful song; full of pain and feeling even though it is about not feeling.

Timshel – Mumford & Sons
Another song that makes me feel a little less alone when I am feeling down.  This song has been a favorite of mine for the past couple of years, when things really get tough and stressful, it is nice to think that other people are going through the same things.

Odds Are – Barenakesd Ladies
I listened to this song many, many times while I was pregnant with R.  It was a great reminder that no matter how paranoid I was, things would most likely be just fine.  Whether I was worried about birth defects, living with 2 kids, money, or toddler tantrums; this song made a point to say that chances are, everything will work out fine.

2013 Mash-up

I have to say, I am not a big fan of pop music in general.  This video, which I am late to discovering, it truly amazing though.  Every year this guy makes a mash-up of popular pop songs from the past year; it is called Pop Danthology.  I will be looking forward to see what he comes up with next year!