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My Xbox is Sexist

There is a problem with a new member of my household, the Xbox One.  With that statement, many people are probably thinking that my husband is playing too many games or that the system is taking up too much of our free time.  That is not the problem at all.  We hardly have any free time to play games, and when we do the other person is usually asleep.  J plays at night when I am sleeping and I wake up early and play on the weekends before anyone else is up.  L gets to play when he is being good and we are there to monitor his controller use (he is a little rough with it still).  No, the problem is with one of the coolest and newest features of the One; the automatic sign in.  My Xbox is sexist.

Yep, you heard me right.  Ignore whatever commercials that you may have seen; my Xbox has a distinct preference for men.  It can see and sign in J before the home screen even appears, but I can sit in front of it (with perfect lighting) and not be recognized for 10 minutes.  Yes, I have told it to recognize me in many different situations of hairstyle and lighting.  For some reason, it just does not want to see me; this is really frustrating because I actually end up playing the Xbox more than J (either gaming or Netflix/Hulu).

It doesn’t end there either.  The voice commands are not working for me either, but they work fine for J.  That one is particularly frustrating when trying to start Netflix but not wanting to grab the controller that you just hid from your 2 year old.  The Xbox even picks up L’s voice over mine, so it cannot be the pitch of the voice because his is even higher than mine.  I am at a loss for what to do about this.  Do I need to have a harassment seminar for my Xbox?  I hope that an update comes through soon with a fix for this problem.  Until then, my Xbox and I are not on speaking terms.