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Pacifier Elimination Challenge – Day 1

We have decided that it is time for a change.  Time to eliminate the paci from our lives.  L has been having a paci to help him fall asleep at night for 18 months now, but he has never used one at daycare for his naps.  Clearly he is not completely dependent on one.  We decided to give it a try since we have been talking about it for a few months now.  We have kept delaying due to illness and teething, but finally we have a weekend that we are all healthy and able to loose sleep during.

I am watching him toss and turn in his crib as he tried to get his blanket perfectly placed over his face (that is how he falls asleep) and I feel guilty.  Tonight when I lay him down, he had such a confused manner when he was told that the paci was "all gone".  We told him he was a big boy now, and his response was a definitive "baby" in argument.  We decided that we needed to get rid of the paci before he becomes dependent on it; it will be harder to give up later.  I know that some parents will cry foul and tell me that he should be left alone with his paci for as long as he wants.  "No one did fill-in-the-blank when they went off to college" is a phrase I hear too frequently.  We have made our decision as to what is best for our family, and as any parent knows, it might be the right one and it might not.

I look over at the monitor and see that he has fallen asleep, paci free, in the time it took me to write this post.  I will count that as a win for Day 1.