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Trying for Family Pictures

So, this time I gave up on getting a good family picture.  This will be the first spring that I haven’t gotten one of all of us.  My tradition had been to get a group photo every spring and fall to see how we have all changed.  This time, it was hard to get the kids to cooperate at all, being that everyone was recovering from a cold, but we were able to make it a little fun.

After getting a couple pictures of R for her birthday, we decided to be crazy and let the kids play with paint for the pictures.  It was non-toxic, washable kid’s paint, so what is the worst that could happen?


I am happy to say that the paint was well contained by the sheets and everyone had a good time.  J also got a very smeary piece of artwork to put in his office.  This picture was taken right before L decided to put his paint covered hands on his face.  Of course, R copied him about 5 seconds later.  Bath time for everyone!