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Photo a Day 2016

Once again, I am attempting to complete a photo a day challenge. After my successful challenge in 2013, I am ready to try again for 2016.

This time I am using Instagram and Facebook to post the photos.  I find that the idea of a Photo a Day is a little different for some people. Some people think it means to post any old photo that you have taken in the past (I feel like these people are just looking for likes). Other people (like me) believe that the point it to take a new photo each day with the prompt in mind.

I will see how long I can keep it going this time around. I am looking forward to a shiny new photo book of these new pictures, though.

Photo A Day

I have been taking a photo a day (or so) for 6 months now.  I started this project to add some challenge to my life of work and parenting, to give CPR to my creative side.  It was an easy thing to start; just take one picture a day.  I started by following FatMumSlim and using her Photo A Day prompts to help me look at my world with a different perspective.  I take the pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (mostly) and I post them on Istagram.  The most helpful app that I have been using for this is Remember the Milk.  It is a list/calendar app that I use to keep track of what the prompt is for the day.  Being able to enter in the prompts for a whole month via the computer and then see them on the appropriate day on my phone lets me focus on my one picture for that day.  I am looking forward to making it through a whole year and eventually creating a book of my pictures.