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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I have never read Pride and Prejudice, but I have seen multiple versions of the movie. As a result, I do not know how accurate Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is compared to the original; that hardly matters though. Why would you want accuracy when you are adding zombies to a classic novel?  If you are even reading this review, you must have some appreciation for the absurd, and that is exactly what this book is.  Let me clarify that statement.  I enjoyed this book and read it without stopping the first time through.  I was also not expecting a life changing literary experience from it.

This book focuses on Elizabeth Bennet, who while being the second of the five Bennet daughters is also a skilled warrior when it comes to slaying the zombies.  Actually, regardless of personality, all of the Bennet girls are quite skilled in the arts of slaying monsters.  The zombies are introduced as a plague that has been harassing England for many years, causing many families to move from the countryside to London.  The story then progresses as the original did, with a few zombie encounters scattered here and there.  There are a few changes that I found delightful; the dreadful fate of Mr. Wickham and the zombifying (is that a word?) of one of the side characters, who shall remain nameless here.  Of course there is a happy ending, to do otherwise would be too much of a change from the original.

In summation, I think that this is a great comedic novel for light reading, and airplane novel.  The addition of the zombies keeps with the style of Jane Austen’s original writing and flows smoothly.  The illustrations are not necessary in my mind, but I am sure that some people will enjoy them.  I think that this book would make a great gift to an avid reader that has a good sense of humor, or to someone studying British Lit.

Walmart vs Target

I recently came across a website called Flowing Data, check it out when you have time.  I first saw the visualization of the growth of Walmart.  If you watch the video, it looks like a bioterrorism attack that was orgininated in Arkansas.  It actually looks rather scary.  After that video became popular, a growth of Target video was created.  The Target video does not look like a plague crossing the nation; hence, it is less exciting.  I found it interesting that California had a huge number of Target dots and fewer Walmart, and conversely Arkansas had many Walmart but few Target.  Everywhere else on the map seemed to have a mixture of the two.  Is it just CA and AK that have extreme loyalty to the store that they shop at?