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28.1 weeks

I am so happy to be starting the third trimester finally! The past two trimesters have gone by so slowly, but I know that this one is just going to fly by. I already have my countdown going in my head: 8 weeks until maternity leave, 11 weeks until baby is here. I just have to make it through the next 8 weeks at work and then I can go into full baby prep mode. I am already feeling the nesting urge majorly. L’s room is slowly progressing, we have it painted and his closet and bed built, so I will call it 50% done. We still have to make curtains, move the dresser and bookcase into the room, and hang the artwork (and maybe some shelves). Once that is done and he is sleeping in his room I can start on the baby’s room. There is some painting that I am hoping to get done before she gets here.

She is kicking and moving around like crazy now. It makes it hard to fall asleep, but at least it doesn’t actually wake me up at night yet. I am still waking up every hour to pee, though.

My OB also put me back on Zoloft last week. I stopped taking SSRIs when I found out I was pregnant, but since then I have had to go back on them. I figured it would happen, since it did with L, but it is still disappointing to have to take them again so soon. I just keep telling myself, “Happy Momma = Happy Baby”. Hopefully that mantra works!