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My job is a vampire, sent to draaaaaain

Second day, second prompt: What daily tasks take up most of your energy?

When I divide my day up, I spend the majority of my time at work.  Next comes sleeping, commuting  spending time with L, doing chores, spending time with J, and finally other projects (such as blogging and making beer).  Out of all of those tasks, working and commuting take most of my energy.

I say that they take my energy, but in reality they suck the energy out of me like a thing that sucks energy vampire.  Driving an hour each way to work is something I knew I would have to do, based on where I live, so that is just frustrating and tiring.  The real energy drain is going to a job where I feel unappreciated.  From what I hear, everyone feels like that, though.  Now, I could bitch and moan about how much I hate my job, but in reality I chose to work there and I am choosing to stay there for now.  At this point in my life, having a job where I have a little bit of security and experience is a good thing.

I hope someday to find a job that energizes me; a job that I look forward to going back to.  Until then, I will keep slogging away at this job and find other things to energize me.  Maybe I will cut back on my sleep time to spend more time with L and work of more projects.  Definitely not going to put more time towards chores.  Those can always wait until company is coming over or I am out of underwear. :)